Top 5 Popular New Holland Tractors In India 2024: Price & Features

top 5 New Holland Tractors in India

New Holland tractors make farming easier with their fuel-efficient engines and consistent performance. This makes them a reliable choice for farmers who want higher income from agriculture. Moreover, by using popular New Holland tractors, farmers reduce the time taken to carry out a particular farming task. This leads to higher productivity in the farming field. 

At the same time, New Holland tractors can be used for both farming and industrial purposes. With a huge tractor lineup, New Holland serves every crop grower with the right farming machine, but this blog explains the top 5 popular New Holland tractors in India. 

The Most Popular New Holland Tractor Models Price List In India

New Holland tractors price starts from Rs. 5.02 lakh and goes up to Rs. 26.90 lakh in India. Apart from this, these tractors are compatible with many farming operations, whether it’s commercial agriculture or small-scale crop production. 

Let’s look at the top 5 most popular New Holland tractors in India. 

1. New Holland 3032 NX 


New Holland 3032 NX is a popular tractor in India for industrial and farming purposes. It has a fuel-efficient 3-cylinder engine which offers 2000 RPM at 35 HP with 2365 CC displacement. This popular New Holland tractor is equipped with a Constant Mesh AFD transmission, delivering smooth driving with an 8F + 2R gearbox. Also, its oil bath air filter with a pre-cleaner prevents the tractor engine from dust and dirt, ensuring longevity.

Moreover, the price of New Holland 3032 starts from Rs. 5,69,654 and goes up to Rs. 6,40,900. Apart from this, the tractor has Mechanical, Real Oil Immersed Brakes, which give quick stopping. Also, the optional mechanical/power steering ensures precise handling over every surface, making it a safe tractor. For farming applications such as ploughing or haulage, it has a 34 HP PTO and 1500 kg lifting capacity. 

2. New Holland 4710 


New Holland 4710 is a best-in-class farming tractor with a 47 HP engine and 43 HP Take-Off Power. The engine of this popular New Holland tractor has 3 cylinders and 2700 CC capacity, which helps to generate 2250 RPM and 168 Nm max torque. 

Along with this, the tractor’s optional Fully Constant Mesh/Synchro Shuttle transmission with 8F + 2R gearbox reduces noise and vibration during operation. Its engine is equipped with an oil-bath air filter and oil cooling, which ensures the tractor works longer. 

This New Holland tractor in India is priced between Rs. 7,27,000 to Rs. 9,34,000. Moreover, this tractor has a 6 Spline PTO with 43 HP to power implements such as rotavators or threshers. At the same time, a 1500 kg lifting capacity with CAT – I and II ADDC hydraulics assists in the precise lifting of the plough or cultivator. In addition, the mechanical, real oil-immersed brakes with a 2800 mm turning radius ensure operator safety. On the other hand, an optional power/mechanical steering gives smoother handling. 

3. New Holland 3230 NX


New Holland 3230 NX is a popular tractor in India that can cater to many farming needs. This includes land preparation, sowing or harvesting. This popular New Holland tractor has a 2500 CC, 3-cylinder engine, which gives 2000 RPM at 42 HP and 166 Nm max torque. Moreover, the New Holland 3230 NX engine has water-cooling and oil-bath air filter, which is helpful during extended fieldwork. This popular New Holland tractor price starts from Rs. 6,78,523 and goes up to Rs. 7,50,647 in India. 

Furthermore, the tractor has a 39 HP PTO and 1500 kg hydraulics to perform farming operations such as tillage or fertiliser distribution. For safe and precise driving, the New Holland 3230 NX has mechanical/power steering and mechanical, real oil-immersed braking with a 3010 mm turning radius. Also, the tractor’s power-packed performance is backed by a Fully Constant Mesh AFD transmission with an 8F + 2R gearbox. 

4. New Holland 3600-2 TX ALL ROUNDER PLUS 


New Holland 3600-2 TX ALL ROUNDER PLUS is a reliable farming tractor suitable for both marginal and commercial farmers. This is due to the tractor’s 43 HP PTO and 1700/2000 kg lifting capacity. Also, its 3-cylinder, 3070 CC displacement engine produces 2500 RPM at 50 HP. The partial constant mesh transmission of this popular New Holland tractor gives hassle-free operation and easier switching between 12 forward + 3 reverse gears. 

Moreover, its water-cooling restricts overheating, and an oil-bath air filter prevents dust and dirt for a healthier engine performance. With mechanically actuated oil-immersed multi-disc brakes and 3190 mm, the tractor has rapid stopping and can make tighter turns. Also, the power/mechanical steering offers fatigue-free handling of the tractor over any terrain. Along with these features, the price of this popular New Holland tractor ranges from Rs. 9,33,000 to Rs. 10,15,000 in India. 

5. New Holland 3630 TX Plus+


New Holland 3630 TX Plus+ is one of the best tractors in India for crop production needs. It has a 3-cylinder, 55 HP engine with 2991 CC displacement to produce 2300 RPM. Along with this, its dry-type air filter and water cooling increase engine health. Moreover, the optional fully constant mesh/partial synchro mesh transmission gives smooth gear switching between 8 forward + 2 reverse gears. 

This popular New Holland tractor in India starts from Rs. 8,00,000 and goes up to Rs. 11,00,000. Furthermore, the oil-immersed multi-disc brakes give effective stopping, and a 3190 mm turning radius helps operate it in narrow spaces. A power steering and ensure fatigue-free operation during long haulage operations. With a 50.7 HP PTO and 1700/2000 kg lifting capacity, it carries out farming tasks such as sowing, ploughing or harvesting. 

The Takeaway

This was the complete breakdown of the top 5 popular New Holland tractors in India. Also, this blog explained the popular New Holland tractor price list with features. These New Holland tractor models for farming will prove a profitable agricultural machine for every farmer. Moreover, this detailed analysis provides information such as engine power, displacement capacity, hydraulics, PTO, brakes, and steering to help farmers choose the best New Holland tractor. For more updates about New Holland tractors in India, visit Tractor Guru.