Top 5 Farmtrac 4WD Tractor Models in India 2024: Know Price & Specification

Top 5 Farmtrac 4WD Tractor Models in India 2023 Know Price & Specification

Farmtrac’s 4WD tractors have a crucial role in effortless farming. The 4-wheel drive tractors from Farmtrac have many essential features in the era of modern farming. They give more power as compared to 2WD tractors, along with added traction. As a result, they are ideal for commercial farming as well as mini farms, which have uneven surfaces. Moreover, Farmtrac 4WD tractors are budget-friendly, which helps Indian farmers improve farming with less investment. Additionally, these 4WD tractor models come with a reasonable warranty. 

Best 5 Selling Farmtrac 4WD Tractor Models In India 2024: Know Price & Lifting Capacity Tractors

This blog will describe the best 5 Farmtrac 4WD tractor models to make crop production easier for every crop grower. Let’s explore these 5 top-class Farmtrac 4WD tractors.

1. Farmtrac 6065 Executive 


The Farmtrac 6065 Executive is an excellent 4-wheel drive tractor model. As a result, it offers a remarkable performance in every crop field. This Farmtrac 4WD tractor provides higher traction with smooth working transmission. It has a 4-cylinder engine with 3500 CC capacity, offering 2200 RPM at 65 HP. Moreover, the synchromesh transmission offers a seamless farming experience with 12 forward + 12 reverse gears. 

It has a multi-plate oil-immersed disc braking system with a balanced power steering for higher control. The tractor’s 6-spline, 55.25 horsepower PTO also eases various farming operations. However, the Farmtrac 6065 Executive price in India is according to the Indian crop growers. 

2. Farmtrac 6060 Executive 4WD 


The Farmtrac 6060 Executive 4WD is a tractor that can easily boost farming productivity. Its 4-wheel drive plays a crucial role in higher grip and higher pulling power with all four wheels. The 60 HP, 4-cylinder engine gives an impressive 2000 RPM, crucial in farming activities. Fitted with an adjustable power steering, this Farmtrac 4WD tractor ensures effective handling. 

Moreover, the 51 HP PTO helps operate every farm implement. Also, the 60-litre fuel tank capacity helps the farmers to operate this tractor for longer durations in the field. This best Farmtrac 4WD tractor has an 1800 kg hydraulic lifting capacity to lift heavy machinery. Apart from these features, the Farmtrac 6060 Executive has a reasonable tractor price for every farmer in India. 

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3. Farmtrac 6045 Executive 


This Farmtrac 6045 Executive tractor has various features to improve crop productivity. The 4-wheel drive of this tractor leads to a higher quantity of production in the field. The Farmtrac 6045 Executive offers much-needed power for every farming operation. This includes ploughing, sowing or even harvesting. Moreover, this 4WD tractor gives unmatched power in wet farming fields.

The tractor has a 45 HP engine with 3 cylinders to generate 1850 RPM. This model has a full constant mesh transmission and power steering for the best control over any surface. The 38.25 HP PTO is an eye-catching feature of this Farmtrac 4WD tractor, making it a reliable farming vehicle. As a result, the Farmtrac 6045 Executive is a valuable agriculture tractor for those who want to achieve higher profits.

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4. Farmtrac 6050 Executive 4WD


The Farmtrac 6050 Executive 4wd is one of the top-selling tractors from Farmtrac. This tractor model has a 3-cylinder, 50-horsepower engine to generate 1850 RPM. It gives a consistent performance for carrying out every agricultural operation. The 4-wheel drive of this Farmtrac 4WD tractor is suitable for uneven farming fields.

The Independent/Dual clutch, constant mesh transmission gives hassle-free driving without much vibration and noise. Also, a dry-type air filter of this Farmtrac 4WD tractor model keeps the engine running for a long duration. However, this 4WD tractor from Farmtrac is priced in India according to the budget of Indian crop growers. 

5. Farmtrac Atom 26  


The Farmtrac Atom 26 is a trusted mini tractor with a 4-wheel drive mechanism. Its 3-cylinder, 1318 CC capacity engine produces 2600 RPM at 26 HP. This 4WD mini tractor from Farmtrac is perfect for every crop production activity. Furthermore, the single-clutch, constant mesh transmission helps in a smoother driving experience. 

The multi-plate oil-immersed brakes ensure farmers’ safety. The 20 HP PTO is sufficient for medium to small-scale crop fields. At the same time, a balanced power steering gives proper control in every farming field. Therefore, this 4WD tractor from Farmtrac is suitable for carrying out agricultural operations effortlessly.  


The Final Thoughts

This was a detailed breakdown of the best 5 Farmtrac 4WD tractors in India. The technologically advanced features of Farmtrac tractors make them a reliable choice to serve every farming task. As a result, selecting a four-wheel drive Farmtrac tractor will significantly improve yield and profits. 

Whether it’s a utility tractor, every model is set to bring out the most from the crop field. So, choose a four-wheel drive tractor from Farmtrac to earn more with cost-efficient farming.

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