Top 10 Rice Producing States In India With Rice Cultivation Method

Top 10 Rice Producing States In India

Rice cultivation in India is very popular in the agriculture sector. It is a core crop in India, and millions of people love to eat it every day. This is because you can use rice for instant energy, and it is a food that the majority of India’s population uses. Hence, we can not deny the importance of the rice crop in the country. 

Annual report of rice cultivation according to the United States Department. Although India is a major consumer of the growing rice and second only is China with144 million tonnes. Rice agriculture growth is directly linked to the efforts made to increase yield during the Green Revolution, which ushered in the era of higher productivity and farming. However, India still needs to improve rice productivity.

Upland rice varieties are drought tolerant but keep low yield potential and tend to survive under the highest levels of external inputs. For example fertilizers and supplemental irrigation.

Types of Rice Cultivation:-

Black Rice Cultivation in India

Black Rice farming prefers warm climates of at least 3 to 6 months and longer growing seasons. This rice thrives under full sun and with generous watering. However, successful germination requires a constant temperature of at least 21 °C. Farmers cultivate black rice in only a few areas, especially Manipur- the northeastern state of India.

Red Rice Cultivation

Farmers cultivate many red-cereal varieties with adverse conditions areas such as sandy soils, salinity, deep water, drought and cold conditions. Red Rice thrives in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Bihar, Orissa, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and the northeastern states.

Wet Rice Cultivation in India

Wet rice is cultivated on valley floors and sometimes on small terraces built around the base of hill slopes. This results in a complete set of plots forming a sensor-shaped structure.

Wet intensive rice cultivation is a method of agriculture used in wet environments. It thrives throughout Asia, particularly in regions such as India, North and South Korea, China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines.


We are here to describe the Top 10 as the leading rice producing state. 

  • West Bengal

Rice in West Bengal

West Bengal is the major rice producing state in India. This state has 1st rank in the list of rice-producing states with 15.3 million tonnes of rice production each year. This only state produces over 13.95% of the country’s rice.

It is the most extensive rice-producing state in India, with a yield of 2600 kg per hectare. That’s why farmers grow rice in major parts of the lower Gangetic plains, especially in Midnapore, Bardhaman, 24 Parganas, Birbhum, etc. Hence it is indicated that this state is the highest rice producing state in India.

  • Uttar Pradesh

Rice in Uttar Pardesh

Uttar Pradesh comes second with approx 13.75 million tonnes of rice production each year. It comes from the northern part of India and also produces about 14 MLT of rice every year.

About 25% of the cultivated area of ​​the state is devoted to rice production. Also, Bareilly, Muzaffarnagar, Gorakhpur, Lakhimpur Kheri, Faizabad, Barabanki etc., are the major rice-producing districts of the state.

In Uttar Pradesh, you will find Jaya, Panth-4, Mahsuri, Pusa Basmati Rice and Kasturi Basmati Rice. Farmers also cultivate the rice in an area of ​​59 hectares in UP.

  • Punjab

Rice in Punjab

The state of Punjab ranks third with a production of 12 million tonnes of rice every year. Punjab is also famous for Basmati rice cultivation, such as Ranbir Basmati, Pusa Basmati, Mahi Sugandha, and Ranbir Basmati.

Basmati 370 is the most popular type of rice that grows in the region of Punjab. Although a predominantly wheat-growing state, farmers have also used crop rotation and perennial irrigation sources to grow rice. Punjab tops the chart in terms of rice yield per hectare. Also the Patiala, Firozpur, Ludhiana, Sangrur are the major rice producing districts of the state.

  • Tamil Naidu

Rice in Tamil Naidu

It is the most popular and largest rice-growing state in Southern India. The state’s 2.2 million hectare area comes under rice cultivation. Some of the varieties grown in Tamil Nadu also are Amsipiti Dhan, Aravan Kuruva, Aduthurai, Akshayadhan and Ambasamudram.

According to studies, about 39000 kg of rice is produce per hectare. There are also the major rice-producing districts of Tamil Nadu are Tiruvarur, Thanjavur and Tiruvannamalai, Villupuram and Nagapattinam.

  • Andhra Pradesh 

Rice in Andhra Pradesh

Cultivation of rice crops in Andhra Pradesh is the largest rice producing state in India. Andhra ranks 5th with a total production of 128.95 lakh tonnes of rice. It also contributes about 7% to the total rice production of the country.

In AP, 22 districts also cultivate rice. West Godavari, Krishna and East Godavari are also the largest rice-producing districts of India. Samael, Samba Madhuri, Sarvani, Sashari are widely found in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This state is also the most rice producing state in India.

  • Bihar

Rice in Bihar

Bihar ranks 7th in the top list of rice-producing states. It produces 73 MLT every year on 33 hectares of land. Bihar is adopting new technology to uplift the quality of rice and increase production.

In winter, this state cultivates Gautam, Dhanalakshmi, Richhariya, Saroj rice, while during summer  Gautam Pusa-33, Pusa-2-21, CR 44-35 (Saket-4), Prabhat (90 days duration only) are cultivated.

  • Chattisgarh

Rice in Chhattisgarh

The state of Chhattisgarh produces 61 MLT of rice and ranks seventh. It is also known such the rice bowl of India because farmers cultivate the 2000 varieties of rice here. Chudi paddy, Turia Kabri, Lal Dhan, Red bangle paddy mainly grow in Chhattisgarh and Odisha.

  • Odisha

Rice in Odisha

Odisha ranks 8th in rice production with a contribution of 5% of the total rice production. In this state, farmers cultivate rice in about 65% of the cropped area. Rice ecosystems of the state In Odisha, they grow the rice under a wide range of climatic conditions and diverse ecosystems.

  •  Assam

Rice in Assam

Assam ranks 9th position with 45.16 lakh tons of rice. The rice yield in Assam is more than 1700 kilograms per hectare. Rice cultivation in Assam is well-known for its extensive genetic diversity.

  • Kerala

Rice in Kelara

Rice is the prominent food of the people of Kerala. Rice cultivation in Kerala is popular all over India. We got commendable signs of a revival in rice production in Kerala over the last five years. A new sense of enthusiasm is now visible among rice cultivators in Palakkad, a region indicated as the “rice bowl” of Kerala.

Rice cultivation facts

Systems For the Rice Cultivation:-

Organic Rice cultivation

Organic rice cultivation is a system of agriculture that attempts to maintain and improve the land through the organic rice cultivation process. Rice production and cultivation is a holistic production management system that avoids synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified seeds.

Aerobic Rice Cultivation

Farmers can establish the rice crop from direct sowing (dry or water-soaked seed) in the fields without puddles and conditions without flood.

Sri Method of Rice Cultivation

The system of rice intensification engages in cultivating rice with as much organic manure as possible. You should start by planting single plants at large spacings in a square pattern. And farmers should irrigate for moisture in the soil remains, but there is no waterlogging.

Information about Rice cultivation in India

Information about Rice cultivation in India

For rice cultivation, farmers should know the essential requirements about how rice is cultivated. We take some points to describe it:-

Soil for Rice Cultivation

Farmers can grow rice on various soils, including silts, loams and gravels and can tolerate acidic and alkaline soils. However, deep fertile or loamy soils that they can easily drain and develop cracks on drying are considering ideal for growing this crop.

Temperature for Rice Cultivation

Farmers grow rice in India in varying conditions from 8° to 25° N latitude and about 2,500 meters above sea level. Rice is a tropical plant that requires the highest heat & high humidity for its successful growth. Therefore, you should choose a high enough temperature on an average monthly average of 24°C.

Along with this, farmers should know about complete rice cultivations techniques essential in rice farming, such as Preparation of Field, Transplantation, Field Maintenance, Harvesting, Threshing, Winnowing and Milling etc. In the complete procedure, the cost of cultivation of rice is so reasonable and affordable for every Indian farmer. 

Rice cultivation methods are the core factor for growing rice in India. Therefore below mention the name of the method of Rice Cultivation:-

  1. Broadcasting method of rice cultivation
  2. Drilling method of rice cultivation
  3. Transplantation method of rice cultivation
  4. Japanese method of rice cultivation

These are the most rice producing states in India, where we can easily buy them reasonably. For more profitable production, farmers mainly prefer Mahindra tractor models.

For more information regarding rice cultivation in India, stay tuned with us.

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