Swaraj Target 630 4WD Tractor Launched in India

Swaraj Traget 630

In today’s fast-paced world, where agriculture is vital in ensuring food security and sustaining economies, it is crucial to have advanced farming equipment. The launch of the Swaraj Target 630 tractor brings a new wave of innovation and productivity to the horticulture segment. With its refined features and unparalleled performance, this tractor aims to make a significant difference in farm operations and the lives of farmers.

New Advanced Technology: Introducing Swaraj Target 630 4WD Tractor in India  

As we delve into the terrific specifications of the Swaraj Target 630 tractor, we unravel many features that enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall farm performance. Therefore, let’s explore the model and its remarkable qualities in detail:

The Unparalleled Partnership Of Power And Technology

For years, Swaraj has been the trusted companion of farmers, providing them with an unmatched strength to conquer any terrain across the country. Now, they embark on a new era where power meets the pinnacle of technological excellence. This perfect amalgamation equips modern farmers to accomplish all their farming goals and aspirations effortlessly.

The new Swaraj Target 630 launch is a game-changer in compact, lightweight tractors. This phenomenal tractor transforms India’s farming landscape and empowers farmers with unparalleled power and avant technology.

Swaraj Target: This tractor series from Swaraj unleashes the potential for the recent farmer to conquer every challenge in spraying and interculture, paving the way for exceptional productivity and success.

Power That Makes Every Target Possible

The Swaraj Target 630 tractor has exceptional features that redefine the farming experience. Some of the features are mentioned below-

1. Powerful DI Engine-  Pull Trailed Sprayers of up to 800 Liters

The Swaraj Target 630 tractor is equipped with a robust Yanmar liquid-cooled, direct injection engine, delivering a power output of 29 horsepower at 2800 ERPM. The model offers an Engine Key Stop to turn on/off the engine using a key effortlessly. With three cylinders and a total displacement of 1331cc, this engine ensures optimum performance even in challenging farming conditions. 

The dry-type, dual-element air cleaner efficiently filters out dust and impurities, keeping the engine protected and prolonging its lifespan. The maximum torque of 87 Nm provides the tractor with exceptional pulling capabilities, allowing farmers to handle heavy loads easily. Its 27 litres fuel tank capacity ensures long hours of uninterrupted operation without frequent refuelling. 

2.  MaxLift: 980 kgf Lift Capacity

  • The tractor can handle various farming operations effectively with a maximum lift capacity of 980 kg. 
  • The transport lock feature ensures safety during transportation. 
  • The hitch pump flow of 22 lpm ensures smooth and efficient hydraulic operation.

3. ADDC Hydraulics Type  

  • With the use of this model, farmers get to experience uniform depth control in draft implements like the Duckfoot cultivator and MB plough.
  • The Swaraj Target 630 tractor has an automatic depth and draft control hydraulic system, allowing farmers to adjust the implement depth per their requirements easily. 
  • The three-point hitch, belonging to Category 1, facilitates the convenient attachment of various implements.

    4. Narrowest FlexiTrack- 28”|32”|36” Adjustable Track

  • The Swaraj Target 630 tractor is designed with optimal dimensions to provide versatility and convenience. 
  • It has a wheelbase of 1555mm, offering stability and improved weight distribution. 
  • The front track width offers two options:
    (a.) Standard at 840mm,
    (b.) An optional narrow variant is available at 755mm.
  • The rear track width offers three options providing flexibility for different farming needs. The options are:
    (a.) Standard at 797mm
    (b.) Option 1 at 710mm
    (c.) Option 2 at 910mm

  • With a weight of 975kg, this tractor strikes the perfect balance between stability and manoeuvrability. 
  • The overall height at the steering is 1275mm, ensuring easy access to low-clearance areas. 
  • The minimum turning radius of 2.1 meters enables efficient turning in tight spaces.
  • The tractor also offers the narrowest FlexiTrack in its category, with an option to adjust the track width to 28, 32, or 36 inches based on the crop.

5. Technology That Makes Every Target Possible 

The newly launched Swaraj Tractor includes all avant technology systems crucial for performing tasks in the fields. Some of them are mentioned below-

(A) Spray Saver Switch- Save Up to 10%  
  • The innovative Spray Saver Switch technology can save up to 10% on the expensive spray. 
(B) Wet PTO Clutch
  • The Power Take-Off (PTO) is equipped with an on-off control switch, offering flexibility in powering various implements. 
  • It features an independent wet clutch for the Power Take-Off (PTO). 
  • The Wet PTO Clutch ensures uninterrupted operation of PTO implements, even when the main clutch is pressed.
  • The PTO speeds of 540 and 540E cater to different applications, while the PTO power of 17.9 kW (24 HP) ensures reliable and efficient power transmission. 
  • The Dual PTO (540 & 540 E Economy PTO) empowers you to save fuel using lighter equipment like alternators and water pumps.
(C) Sync-Shift Transmission- Get the Comfort of Car-Type Gear Shifting
  • It features a single dry clutch for the main transmission.
  • The mechanical synchromesh transmission offers nine forward speeds and three reverse speeds, enabling farmers to select the appropriate speed for specific applications. 
  • The oil-immersed brakes ensure reliable stopping power, even in challenging terrain. 
  • Moreover, the mechanical differential lock enhances traction and stability, allowing the tractor to perform exceptionally well in muddy or uneven fields.
(d) MaxCool: 20% Larger Radiator for Non-stop Usage
  • The Target 630 model gives you uninterrupted performance for hours with the MaxCool feature, as the 20% larger radiator ensures efficient cooling. 

Swaraj Target 630 Other Technical Features 

(1) Front Axle & Steering: Maneuverability and Control
  • 4WD-Portal type front axle design provides excellent traction, stability, and durability, ensuring optimal performance in diverse farming conditions. 
  • The engagement of the 4WD system is mechanical, controlled by a lever, ensuring reliable performance and ease of operation. 
  • Experience fatigue-free rides during frequent turns in row crop fields due to the Balanced Power Steering that reduces strain and enhances productivity.
  • The fully sealed 4wd Portal Axle offers better ground clearance and prevents mud entry into the axle.

    2. Tyres: Stability and Traction

  • The front tyre size is standard at 180/85D12, and an optional narrow rim variant is available. 
  • For the rear tyres, the standard size is 8.30×20, while two options are available: 

( a.) Option 1 at 9.50×20 and
(b.) Option 2 at 9.50×20 with a high lug tread pattern.

  • These tyres ensure optimal grip and traction, enabling the tractor to perform efficiently in different terrains.
3. Convenience and Comfort
  • The sliding adjustable seat provides a comfortable working environment for the operator, reducing fatigue during long hours of operation.
  • No more compromising on visibility, as the clear and powerful Headlamps provide day-like brightness even in the darkest conditions. 
  • Stay informed with the stylish Digital Cluster, designed to make reading information effortless, even in low-light situations.
Final Thoughts: Show Your Farming Potential with the Swaraj Target 630 Tractor

In conclusion, this tractor from the Swaraj Target series stands as a testament to Swaraj’s commitment to providing reliable and technologically advanced farming equipment. With its powerful engine, versatile transmission, efficient hydraulics, manoeuvrable front axle, compact dimensions, and reliable tyres, this tractor is a game-changer for farmers. It not only enhances productivity but also ensures the comfort and convenience of the operator. The model is the perfect companion for modern farmers looking to optimize their agricultural operations. Embrace the future of farming and experience the difference with the Swaraj Target 630 tractor. Visit your nearest Swaraj dealership today and embark on a journey of increased efficiency and prosperity in agriculture.

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