Swaraj 744 XM Advance Hydraulics With Sensilift System Tractor – Review & Price

Swaraj-744-XM heavy duty tractor

In the vast fields where dreams meet the soil, farmers toil tirelessly to sow the seeds of progress. In this journey of growth and prosperity, the right tractors become the catalyst for success. One such powerful companion for farmers is the Swaraj 744 XM tractor. With its exceptional price, impressive mileage, and top-notch specifications, this tractor has become a game-changer for farmers all over the country. 

Best Features of Swaraj 744 XM With Heavy Loading Capacity Tractor 

In this blog post, we will explore the Swaraj 744 XM – features and specifications in depth.

Powerful Engine Capacity 

Swaraj-744-XM engine

The Swaraj 744 XM’s 48 HP engine ensures efficient performance for heavy-duty tasks. Its 3307 cc capacity and 1800 RPM rating guarantee reliability even in tough conditions. The tractor’s 3-stage oil bath type air filter and water-cooling system support peak performance. It can handle demanding tasks with ease and maintain its efficiency. The engine’s power allows it to pull heavy loads and operate various implements. For instance, it can plow vast fields effortlessly, saving time and effort. Additionally, it provides enough torque to handle large rotary tillers efficiently. This engine’s reliability and power make it suitable for agricultural operations like tilling, plowing, and hauling. Farmers can trust Swaraj Tractors to perform consistently in challenging environments.

Transmission (Gearbox) – Versatility with Speeds Ranging

Swaraj-744-XM Transmission (Gearbox)

The 744 XM’s constant mesh transmission enables seamless gear shifting. It offers versatility with speeds ranging from 2.6 to 29.6 kmph forward and 2.6 to 10.4 kmph in reverse. The tractor boasts 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, making field navigation smooth and efficient. For instance, when plowing, lower speeds provide better control, while higher speeds facilitate quick transport between fields. The ability to shift gears effortlessly ensures optimal performance during various farming operations. Additionally, while maneuvering in tight spaces, the reverse gears come in handy, making it easy to back up and reposition the tractor without hassle. Whether it’s tilling, sowing, or transporting produce, the Swaraj 744 XM’s transmission adapts to different tasks, making it a reliable and versatile companion for farmers.

Brakes – Oil-Immersed

Swaraj-744-XM Brakes - Oil-Immersed

The 744 Swaraj XM’s oil-immersed brake system ensures reliable and effective stopping power. It gives farmers confidence while navigating challenging terrains or making sudden stops. This brake system uses oil for cooling, preventing overheating during heavy use and maintaining consistent braking performance. For example, when plowing steep slopes, the tractor’s brakes respond promptly, preventing accidents and ensuring safety. Even in muddy or slippery conditions, the brakes maintain their effectiveness, allowing farmers to operate the tractor with assurance. The oil-immersed brake system requires minimal maintenance, saving time and reducing downtime. Whether it’s hauling heavy loads or controlling the tractor’s speed during planting, the Swaraj XM braking system proves to be an essential feature for dependable and secure operations in diverse farming environments.

Steering – Mechanical and Power Steering 

Swaraj-744-XM Steering

The tractor offers a choice between mechanical and power steering options. Both provide easy maneuverability, enabling smooth turns and control while working. For instance, during plowing, the power steering reduces the effort needed to steer, making the task more comfortable and efficient. The mechanical steering option offers a reliable and straightforward system for farmers who prefer a traditional approach. Additionally, the steering adjustment feature allows farmers to set the steering wheel at their preferred height and angle, ensuring comfort during long hours of work. This customizable feature reduces fatigue and enhances productivity. Whether it’s navigating tight spaces in the field or turning at the end of rows, the Swaraj 744 XM’s steering options and adjustment capability make it suitable for various farming tasks, providing ease of use and convenience for the operator.

(PTO) With Powerful Combination

Swaraj-744-XM Power Take-Off

The 744 XM boasts a 6-spline PTO with a rated RPM of 540 in reverse. This powerful combination churns out an impressive 37.4 HP, providing ample energy to drive various implements. For instance, when using a rotary tiller, the tractor’s PTO supplies the necessary power to turn the blades effectively, ensuring efficient soil preparation. The high horsepower enables smooth operation of heavy-duty equipment like a baler, resulting in increased productivity during harvest seasons. Additionally, the 6-spline design ensures a secure connection between the tractor and the implement, preventing power loss and maximizing efficiency. Whether it’s plowing, sowing, or harvesting, the Swaraj 744 XM’s robust PTO system delivers consistent power, making it an ideal choice for farmers looking to enhance their productivity and accomplish various agricultural tasks with ease.

Fuel Capacity

With a generous 48-liter fuel tank capacity, the Swaraj 744 XM minimizes refueling breaks, allowing farmers to focus more on their work.

Dimension and Wheelbase Size

swaraj 744 XM Dimension

Balancing power with stability, this 2WD tractor weighs 2080 kg, flaunting a wheelbase of 2140 mm. Its compact design with an overall length of 3555 mm and a width of 1730 mm enhances agility in tight spaces, while a ground clearance of 400 mm enables smooth navigation over uneven terrains.

Heavy Lifting Capacity With Advance Hydraulic Sunsilift System 

Swaraj-744-XM Heavy Lifting Capacity

The Swaraj 744 XM boasts a hydraulic lift capacity of 1700 kg, combined with 3 Point Linkage Category I&II and hydraulic controls featuring position control & automatic draft control, ensuring effortless implement handling.

Tractor Tyre Size

Swaraj-744-XM Tractor Tyre Size

Front Tractor Tyre 6 X 16, Rear tractor tyre 13.6 X 28 / 14.9 X 28. The well-suited tyre combination provides enhanced traction and stability, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Additional Features:

This 2WD tractor comes equipped with all the necessary features to make your farming experience seamless and enjoyable.

Warranty and Price:

Backed by a 2000 hr/2-year warranty, the Swaraj 744 XM offers peace of mind and reliability. With a tractor price range of Rs. 7.02 lakhs – Rs. 7.49 lakhs, it proves to be a valuable investment for farmers.

Final Thoughts:

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, the Swaraj 744 XM tractor stands tall as a symbol of progress and prosperity. With its impressive features, specifications, and affordable price, it has revolutionized farming practices, making it a must-have for every farmer looking to pave their way to success. Embrace the power of the earth with the Swaraj tractor and witness the transformation in your farming journey!

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