Sonalika TIGER DI 26 Tractor Review 2024 – Price and Specification

sonalika Tiger di 26 Tractor in India

Farming has a significant impact on the global economy as it is responsible for the employment of a large number of the population. Thus, farming machines such as tractors are widely used in crop production. So, we are giving a complete review of such a helpful tractor model — Sonalika TIGER DI 26. Moreover, below is a detailed description of this Sonalika mini tractor model. 

Sonalika TIGER DI 26 Tractor Price 2024: Know More Details 

Sonalika tractors are reliable and durable for effortless farming activities. However, it is a high-performing tractor from this tractor manufacturer. So, let’s analyse this tractor’s specifications and the Sonalika TIGER DI 26 price in India. 

1. Powerful Engine For A Powerful Performance


For a powerful performance, the tractor comes with an impressive 3-cylinder, and it generates 2700 RPM at 26 horsepower to deliver a fuel-efficient field operation. Along with this, the all new Sonalika TIGER DI 26 has a dry-type air filter that keeps the engine protected from dust, dirt and other contaminants, resulting in a longer engine life. Therefore, this tractor is cooled by a coolant circulation, which will further prevent overheating while performing a longer farming activity. 

In this way, this Sonalika TIGER DI 26 has an engine that gives an eye-catching performance for executing farming operations. Moreover, this mini tractor from Sonalika has 22.36 PTO HP for handling the necessary farming implements. 

2. Smooth Transmission For Gear Shifting

Sonalika TIGER DI 26 Transmission

The high-performing mini tractor comes with sliding mesh transmission for a smooth and easier gear transition. With a properly meshed gearbox option of 6 forward + 2 reverse or 12 forward + 4 reverse gears, the Sonalika TIGER 26 gives ease for different speed options according to the farm’s requirements. 

Moreover, the single clutch of this Sonalika mini tractor helps in seamless gear shifting. This enables the operator to achieve the desired speed options to fulfil the essential tasks during crop production. Along with this, farmers can easily handle this tractor in narrow spaces with a specific speed. Therefore, the Sonalika TIGER DI 26 is the best selection for different terrains. 

3. Comfortable Seat For The Operator

Sonalika Tiger 26 Comfortable Seat

In the era of farm mechanisation, farmers spend a significant amount of time in crop fields. Thus, it is crucial to ensure the comfort of the farmers in order to achieve better-quality crops. This is where the Sonalika TIGER DI 26 tractor comes into play. The upholstery of this tractor’s seating offers comfort in performing farming operations. Therefore, its seat is perfect for garden maintenance and small-scale farming. 

4. Effective Steering For Easier Handling


The Sonalika TIGER DI 26 has a hydrostatic steering system, offering proper control and handling. It ensures the safety of the driver as well as the smooth functioning of the axle. Apart from this, farmers can conveniently steer the tractor without any fatigue because the hydrostatic steering is easier to manoeuvre, making it effectively applicable in this Sonalika mini tractor. With easier steering in narrow spaces and crop rows, this mini tractor is perfect for higher control. 

5. High Quality Brakes Ensuring Safety

Sonalika tiger di 26 Brakes

Crop production is done on rough surfaces, which makes it challenging to stop the tractor as the uneven field reduces friction. That is why the Sonalika TIGER DI 26 comes with multi-disc oil-immersed brakes. As a result, the braking system of this tractor is ideal for superior grip and slippage reduction. Also, the braking system of this tractor does not need much maintenance as the oil-immersed brakes are well-lubricated. In this way, farmers trust this Sonalika mini tractor for proper control and adequate safety. 

6. Compatibility Of The Tyres

Sonalika tiger di 26 Tyres

Talking about the tyre size, the Sonalika TIGER DI 26 tractor front tyre is 6.00 x 12, and the rear tractor tyre is 8.3 X 20, making it compatible with the standard tyres available. Along with this, the tractor tyres of this model can withstand heavy loads on rough terrains. In addition, this tyre size can reduce shocks during operations. This leads to a seamless riding experience in every crop field. However, the tractor can carry higher weights with the help of these tyres without compromising the performance of the tractor

7. Warranty And Price Details

The best Sonalika TIGER DI 26 tractor price is affordable according to its features. It is priced at Rs. 5.17 to 5.48 lakh in India. However, in the era of farm mechanisation, it is difficult to select a tractor with such a reasonable price and power-packed technology. Thus, farmers rely on this compact tractor due to its fuel efficiency and justified pricing. 

Regarding the warranty, the Sonalika TIGER 26 has 5000 hours or a 5-year warranty. This enables the farmers to perform the necessary farming operations without worrying about the maintenance cost for parts damage. So, small-scale farming tasks can be carried out without any hassle. Also, Sonalika tractor manufacturer offers PAN India serviceability for its models, helping to reduce the burden on farmers.

Moreover, the Sonalika TIGER DI 26 on road price differs from place to place due to various factors like RTO charges and road taxes. So, the tractor price will be different from the Ex showroom price during the time of purchase. 

The Final Thought

In conclusion, this Sonalika mini tractor is an advanced-featured tractor for garden maintenance and small-scale farming. Also, this blog will solve all your concerns regarding the new Sonalika TIGER DI 26 tractor price list, warranty, features and specifications. Thus, this article will provide an in-depth review of this 26 HP mini tractor from Sonalika. For more such tractor review blogs, stay tuned with Tractor Guru

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