Sonalika Electric Tractor – Top 10 Features of 1st Electric Tractor

Sonalika Electric Tractor - Top 10 Features of 1st Electric Tractor

Sonalika Electric Tractor is the recently launched India’s 1st commercially available electric tractor model. This electric tractor is a part of Sonalika Tiger Series. Excellent power and Stunning design stand out this tractor model. Sonalika electric tractor is a piece of modern technology which has set a benchmark in the whole tractor industry.

There are several advantages that make the Sonalika Electric Tractor a preferred choice. Here they are

Top 10 Features of Sonalika Electric Tractor

Want to know the Specification and Advantages of the Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor? You are probably eager to know about this tractor in brief. Here, we come with this amazing blog to answer all your questions.

1. E Trac Motor

Sonalika Tiger Electric has a maximum of 21.3 Km max/peak capacity. This motor is very power efficient and has High Power Density. High peak torque and Fastest pick up make this motor very efficient for the tractor.

2. Advanced Transmission

Although it is an electric tractor, it has the maximum 24.93 Km/hr of Forwarding Speed. Sonalika Tiger Electric equips Oil Immersed Brakes for high grip. 540/750 PTO RPM is more than sufficient to power most of the farm implements.

3. Improved Hydraulics

The tractor packs with more advanced 2 Lever PCDC type hydraulic control that can elevate heavyweight. Combining this, It has a modest 500 Kg of lifting capacity.

4. High-Quality Tyres

For less slippage and tight grip on the field, Sonalika Electric Tractor pairs with the best quality of tyres. These tyres are very durable and prone to less wear and tear. The Front Tyres are 5-12 inches, and Rear Tyres are 8-18 inches in dimension.

5. Overall Dimension

It  comes under the mini tractor category. The tractor has an overall weight of 820 Kg and has 1420mm of large Wheelbase.

6. Eco-Friedly

The diesel-powered tractor or conventional tractor harms the environment by burning fuel. On the other hand, Sonalika Electric tractor is powered by electricity, which means delicate to nature and environmentally friendly.

7. 1/4th the Running Cost

As Sonalika Tiger Electric is powered by electricity, the running cost is way less than conventional tractors. It saves a lot of money that caters the financial load of Indian farmers.

8. Better Power Efficiency

The motor takes a minimal amount of power, making it very efficient. The tractor has a 25.5 kWh compact battery tha can last long up to 8 hours on a single charge. This makes the tractor very productive on the farm.

9. Fast Charging Support

This Tractor Model  equips built-in fast charging technology.
The battery can be charged via 15W house socket in less than four hours.

10. Top Speed of 24.9 Km/hr

Although this is an electric tractor, it can achieve the maximum speed of 24.9 Km/hr. This Speed is more than sufficient, considering it comes under the mini tractor category. It has all the qualities that a conventional tractor has.

Sonalika Electric Tractor Price in India

This Tractor Model Price is very reasonable in India as it packs with some stunning industry-leading technology. Sonalika Tiger Electric comes under the price bracket of Rs. 5.99 lakhs* in India.

Top 10 Features of Sonalika Electric Tractor

Hence, it is clear that Electric tractors are the future of modern farming in India. It not just saves our very own environment but also saves a lot of money. For more information about Sonalika Electric tractor and sonalika tractor , stay tuned with TractorGuru.

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