PREET 3049 Tractor Review 2024 : Price, Features & Mileage

PREET 3049 Tractor Expert Review

Ready to boost the productivity of your farm? We bring you a high-performing tractor model, named Preet 3049 tractor, to increase crop yield with efficiency. It is a trusted tractor that brings ease of crop production with the help of its tralatest technology and fuel efficiency. Therefore, this tractor is a highly recommend agricultural tractor among the growers of every crop. 

PREET 3049 Tractor Specification 2024 – New Advance Hi-Tech Technology Engine 

The Preet 3049 tractor is built to fulfil all the necessary farming requirements such as sowing, tilling or harvesting. So, let’s have an in-depth look at the specifications of this eye-catching tractor model with details about the new Preet 3049 tractor price list in India. Below is the tractor specifications information related to this agricultural farming machine, which showcases its necessity in the crop field.

1. Powerful 3 Cylinder Engine

The all new Preet 3049 tractor comes with a powerful 3-cylinder engine to generate an impressive 2100 RPM with the help of a 2781 cc engine displacement capacity at 35 horsepower. With the ease of remarkable field performance and fuel efficiency, the Preet 3049 engine gives remarkable performance in the farming field.

However, to keep the engine protected for a longer time, it has an optional dry and wet air filter. This prevents dust and dirt from entering the engine. Apart from this, the Preet 3049 tractor mileage is excellent and doesn’t consume much fuel. Furthermore, the temperature of the engine is maintained by a water-cooled system, resulting in lesser wear and tear. 

2. Smoother Transmission

PREET 3049 Smoother Transmission

The Preet 3049 tractor has a top-notch transmission, delivering brilliant operation in every field. Moreover, it showcases smooth gear shifting and easier control for various speed options. Thus, the tractor is ideal for multiple implements, as different speeds are require by the farming tools. Moreover, a single friction plate clutch delivers hassle-free transitions from a lower speed to a higher speed and vice-versa. Along with this, the combi constant and sliding mesh transmission is smoothly function by the 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. 

Furthermore, the transmission of the Preet 3049 tractor is suitable for various farming tasks. Because it has well-lubricated components for durability. Thus, the Preet 3049 is a reliable tractor model for farming.

3. Comfortable Seat For Farming

Comfortable Seat For Farming

The Preet 3049 tractor is a robust and sturdy machine designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency to its users. One of the essential components of the tractor that contributes to its efficiency and comfort is the seat.

The seat of the Preet 3049 tractor is ergonomically designed to provide optimum comfort to the operator during long hours of work. It is made of high-quality material and has a comfortable cushioning system that ensures the operator does not experience any discomfort or pain while driving the tractor.

The seat is adjustable, allowing the operator to adjust it to their preferred height and position. This feature ensures the operator can comfortably reach the pedals and operate the tractor’s controls without straining their back or legs.

Furthermore, the seat is equipped with a suspension system. Thus, it minimises the impact of shocks and vibrations when driving on rough terrains. This feature ensures the operator does not experience discomfort or fatigue, even when driving the tractor for extended periods.

4. Smooth Steering System

PREET 3049 Smooth Steering System

The steering of the Preet 3049 tractor is a power steering system designed to provide smooth and effortless control. The system is driven by a hydraulic pump, which is powered by the engine of the tractor. The pump sends hydraulic fluid to the steering cylinder, which in turn controls the movement of the front wheels.

The hydraulic power steering system of the Preet 3049 tractor is designed to provide precise control over the vehicle’s direction, even at high speeds or under heavy loads. The system is also very responsive, allowing the operator to adjust the tractor’s direction quickly.

In addition to the standard hydraulic power steering system, the Preet 3049 tractor has several other features that make it even more versatile and easy to use. For instance, the tractor is equipped with a differential lock, allowing the operator to lock the front and rear wheels together when navigating difficult terrain. This feature provides better traction and control, especially when driving on steep slopes or muddy conditions.

5. Effective Braking – High Quality Materials

PREET 3049 Effective Braking High Quality

The Preet 3049 tractor has a dual-disc oil-immersed braking system, which provides reliable and consistent braking performance. The dual-disc system consists of two brake discs located on the tractor’s rear axle. These discs are made of high-quality materials to withstand high temperatures and wear.

When the Preet 3049 tractor operator applies the brakes, the brake pedal activates the master cylinder. The master cylinder creates hydraulic pressure, which clamps down on the brake discs. This action creates friction between the brake pads and the discs, slows down the tractor and eventually stops it.

6. Higher Traction Tyres 

PREET 3049 Higher Traction Tyres

The Preet 3049 tractor is equipe with four tyres, each of which has specific features designed to enhance its performance. Here is a breakdown of the tractor tyres on the Preet 3049 tractor:

  • Front Tyres

The front tractor tyres on the Preet 3049 tractor are design for stability and ease of steering. They are typically smaller than the rear tyres and are often ribbed to provide improve traction on hard surfaces. The front tyres are also design to be more responsive to steering inputs, which makes it easier for the driver to manoeuvre the tractor in tight spaces.

  • Rear Tyres

The rear tractor tyres on the Preet 3049 tractor are design for power and traction. They are typically larger than the front tyres and have deeper treads to better grip loose or uneven terrain. The rear tyres are also design to be more durable and withstand the heavy loads and stress common in agricultural work.

7. Price And Warranty Details

The Preet tractor 3049 price is 5.60 to 5.90 lakh, which is reasonable according to the economy of the Indian farming industry. However, the Preet 3049 tractor on road price may differ from the ex showroom price due to numerous factors. The tractor also comes with an ideal warranty according to its features. Moreover, the Preet tractor offers easier serviceability in order to provide effortless maintenance of the tractor. Furthermore, the farmers can get the best Preet tractor price at Tractor Guru with various financing options. Thus, choose the Preet 3049 for seamless farming operations. 

Preet 3049 Alternative Tractor Models : Price & Features

Numerous activities need to be execut in crop production to accomplish the yield. Speaking in this regard, a wide range of farming tractors are available in addition feature tractor that can complete these tasks. Below are such tractor models:

1. Mahindra 275 DI TU is an excellent tractor in the below 40 HP category range with a high-quality engine and easier application for different field operations. 

Mahindra 275 DI TU

2. Massey Ferguson 245 Smart is another power-pack tractor with a 1700 kg hydraulic lifting capacity and 46 HP engine, helping in multiple farming tasks. 

Massey Ferguson 245 Smart

3. Swaraj 735 FE is a brilliant tractor model for sowing, tilling and harvesting tasks with the help of a 40 HP engine and 1000 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, offering a robust performance. 

Swaraj 735 FE

These tractors will prove an ideal alternative to the Preet 3049 tractor and can perform similarly to this tractor. So, farmers can also rely on these tractors for effortless farming. For more such blogs about the reviews of agricultural tractors, stay connected with Tractor Guru. 

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