Preet Tractor Price List in India 2024, Specifications, Reviews

Preet Tractor Price List in India 2021, Specifications, Reviews

Preet Tractor Price List in India 2024 – Know Specifications, Reviews

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Preet Tractor is a truly Indian brand; this brand is providing tractors and farm equipments to the Indian fields since 1980. It’s models come with the best design, effective body at a very affordable price. Preet tractor brand is a very tough competition for most of the brands in tractor industry since 1980.

Preet Tractors Price list in India

The Preet Tractors comes in two categories the 2 wheel drive and the 4 wheel drive, which comes in 25 HP to 100 HP, Preet tractor price is starting from rs. 3.80 Lakh. The Preet tractor models are affordable and durable for productivity. The most popular tractors from this brand are Preet 3549 and Preet 955, in their respective segments. Find Preet Tractor reviews, specifications and feature at TractorGuru.

Below the table is showing the Preet Tractors price list in India 2023.


Mini Tractor up to 30 HP

Preet 2549

Preet 2549

25  HP

Rs. 3.80 – 4.30 lakh*

Preet 3044  4WD

Preet 3044 4WD

30 HP

Rs. 4.90-5.40 Lac*

Preet Tractor 31 HP to 40 HP

Preet 3549

Preet 3549

35 HP

Rs. 5.00 – 5.45 lakh*

Preet 4049 4WD

Preet 4049 4WD

40 HP

Rs. 5.40 – 5.90 lakh*

Preet Tractor  41 HP to 50 HP

Preet 4549

Preet 4549

45 HP

Rs. 5.85 – 6.00 lakh*

Preet Tractor  60 HP to 70 HP

Preet 6049 4WD

Preet 6049 4WD

60 HP

Rs. 6.80 – 7.30 lakh*

Preet 6549

Preet 6549

65 HP

Rs. 7.00 – 7.50 lakh*

Preet Tractor 70 HP to 80 HP

Preet 7549

Preet 7549

75 HP

Rs. 10.75 – 11.60 lakh*

Preet 8049

Preet 8049

80 HP

Rs.11.75 – 12.50 lakh*

Preet Tractor 90 HP to 100 HP

Preet  9049 AC- 4WD

Preet 9049 AC- 4WD

90 HP

Rs.15.50 – 16.20 lakh*

Preet 10049 4WD

Preet 10049 4WD

100 HP

Rs. 17.80 – 19.50 lakh*


Preet tractor toll-free no. 1800 419 0349

If you have any other inquiries about Preet Tractors then you can call on the above toll-free customer care number.


Office # 606-607, Crown Height,
Twin District Centre, Sector-10,
Rohini, Delhi-110085, INDIA.

Official website              

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