Popular Sonalika Tractor Models for Indian Farmers

Popular Sonalika Tractor Models for Indian Farmers

Sonalika tractor company is the leading manufactured tractor company in India. Lakshman Das Mittal founded Sonalika tractor at the age of 65. It always works according to the Indian farmers, and Indian land and They produce tractors according to the need and want of farmers of India. In India, tractors of Sonalika have a separate fanbase. It builds the tractor for the next generation. Sonalika recently launched its Tiger Series for the next generation. Tractors of Sonalika consistently win the hearts of the Indian by offering them best-featured tractors. This brand is the truly Indian made tractor brand.

Is Sonalika Tractor Price is Affordable

Sonalika tractor built with advanced technology, but still, its price is affordable and appropriate for farmers budget. It comes in the range between 20 – 90 HP. Millions of farmers select Sonalika as their first choice, both in India and other countries. It has many models with economical prices. Sonalika tractors start with 3 lac, which is very useful for buyers. Sonalika mini tractor price is easily fit to farmers budget. The Sonalika tractor on-road price is reasonable and affordable with critical factors. It launches new tractors with advanced technology for the new generation, but still, the new Sonalika tractor price is also low.

SonalikaTractor- Power and Pride for Farmers

As we know, Sonalika is the perfect tractor for Indian farmers. So here we present the most popular Sonalika tractor price list 2021 with specifications for farmers convenience.

Sonalika DI 745 IIISonalika DI 745 III

Sonalika DI 745 III is the most useful tractor and extremely used for various tasks such as cultivation, harvesting, rotation, sowing, threshing, spraying etc. it is a 50 hp tractors with three cylinders and a potato farming specialist. It comes with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes and Dry Disc/ Oil Immersed Brakes for better farming.

It has different types of features like 1800 kg heavy lifting capacity, 3067 CC engine, high engine rated RPM 1900, Oil Bath Type With Pre Cleaner air filter etc. that make it the most popular tractor of Sonalika tractor. DI 745 III Sonalika price is between Rs. 5.45 – 5.75 Lac.

Sonalika WT 60 SikanderSonalika WT 60 SIKANDER

Sonalika WT 60 Sikander is the best tractor in range of 60 HP tractor. It has four cylinders and has a powerful engine that is the best combination for buyers. Sonalika WT 60 Sikander has power steering so the tractor gets easy to control and fast response. It has Oil Immersed Brakes that provide low slippage and high grip.

It’s comes with 65-litre fuel tank capacity that saves money and enhances productivity. It has economic mileage which gives power to the tractor for staying in the field for long hours. Tractor Sonalika price is Rs. 7.90-8.40 Lac.

Sonalika GT 20 Rxsonalika-gt-20-rx-263839

Sonalika GT 20 Rx is the new generation mini tractor of Sonalika company. It is the 20 hp, three cylinders generated engine rated RPM 2700 and most stylish mini tractor for Indian farmers. Sonalika comes with a 959 cc engine, 650 kg lifting capacity and economical mileage.

Sonalika GT 20 Rx has just come in the Indian market, but still, it has proven itself between the farmers. It has 6 Forward +2 Reverse gearboxes with the single-clutch and offers easy operating and smooth functioning. GT 20 Rx Sonalika tractor price in India 2021 is Rs. 3.00 lac.

Sonalika 42 DI Sikandersonalika-42-di-sikander

Sonalika 42 DI Sikander is the best tractor between the range of 40 – 42 HP. This product has three cylinders generating Sonalika 42 DI Sikander 1800. It is a 42 HP tractor with low maintenance and economic engine which provides higher power output. It comes with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes and 55-litre fuel tank.

42 DI Sikander has 1800 Kg lifting capacity that pushes and pulls heavy implements to make farming smooth. It has many useful accessories tools, TopLink, canopy, hook, bumper, drawbar and on road price is Rs. 5.40 – Rs. 5.70 Lac. It has Dry Disc/ Oil Immersed Brakes with optional clutch (single or power).

Sonalika 35 DI Sikandersonalika-35-di-sikandar

Sonalika 35 DI Sikandar is one of the widely used tractors. It is 39 HP, three cylinders tractor. It has an 8 Forward + 2 Reverse of gearboxes in it. Apart from this, it has constant mesh, Dry disc/ Oil-immersed brakes, power steering/ manual (optional) and has 55 litres fuel tank capacity.

It has a powerful engine and 1800 kgs elevating capability, which makes this tractor perfect for the farmers. It has different types of features like Dry Disc/ Oil Immersed Brakes, good power take-off, power or manual steering etc. Sonalika 35 DI Sikander price is Rs. 5.05-5.40 Lac.

Sonalika DI 750IIIsonalika-di-750iii-887082

Sonalika DI 750III is a 55 hp, four cylinders tractor that generates Engine Rated RPM 2000 and used for various tasks such as cultivation, harvesting, threshing etc. DI 750III has many special features like DCV, Water Cooled cooling system, finest hydraulic system, dual-clutch etc.

It has a 3707 CC engine that makes it a very versatile tractor on the market with adjustable front shaft valve creating it appropriate for potato cultivation. It has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes with Oil Immersed Brakes and Dry Type Single / Dual-clutch. Sonalika DI 750III on-road price is Rs. 6.10-6.40 Lac.

Sonalika DI 47 RXsonalika-di-47-rx-623178

Sonalika DI 47 RX is the other best 50 hp tractor for farmers. It has a Dry-type air cleaner with the pre-cleaner system that is easy, and simple to maintain and It has Constant Mesh with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes. DI 47 RX has 55 ltr fuel tank capacity means it stays in the field for long hours.

It comes with immersed Disc Brakes and heavy hydraulic lifting capacity and has additional features High torque backup and High fuel efficiency. It also offers accessories like a bumper, tools, ballast weight, TopLink, canopy, drawbar, hitch as per farmers demand and need. Sonalika DI 47 RX Price is Rs. 5.60 – 5.90 Lac.


Sonalika provides a comfortable and securable ride. It also builds tractors with a proper security system and safety equipment for farmers. Sonalika mini tractor price 2021 is affordable and reasonable for a farmer’s budget. If you want a Sonalika tractor price list, Sonalika tractors price list 2021, mini tractor price, AC cabin and four wd tractor then visit TractorGuru.

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