Top 5 Popular HAV Tractor Models In India 2024: Price & Specifications

Top 5 Popular HAV Tractors In India

HAV tractor (Hybrid Agricultural Vehicle) is designed to overcome challenges faced by farmers, providing a futuristic solution. With frugal technology and the potential for future adaptability to fully electric farm machinery, the tractor is a game-changer. These popular HAV Tractors revolutionise farming with fuel-efficient engines, ensuring reliability and improved yields. They streamline tasks, boosting productivity.

Serving both farming and industrial needs, these new model HAV tractors are versatile. With various options available, every farmer finds a suitable machine. This blog showcases popular HAV Tractors, offering insights into their features, specifications and other information.

The Most Popular Hav Tractor Models Price List In India

6 HAV Tractor Models are available in India, which come in 44 HP-51 HP. Furthermore, the HAV Tractor price starts at Rs. 8.49 Lacs and goes up to 13.99 Lacs. Look at popular HAV Tractor Models in India.



The HAV 50 S2 CNG Hybrid tractor stands out as a premium choice, offering competitive pricing and fulfilling all farming requirements efficiently. With its smooth transmission, it ensures seamless operation, supported by its impressive 52 HP and 43 PTO HP. Featuring a fuel tank capacity of 24 Kg CNG + 20 Liters of fuel, it guarantees an ample fuel supply for prolonged use.

Furthermore, boasting a robust lifting capacity of 1800 Kg, this tractor is equipped to handle heavy loads with ease. Its multiple gears enhance versatility across various agricultural tasks, ensuring optimal performance. The HAV 50 S2 CNG Hybrid is carefully crafted to perform exceptionally well in agricultural tasks, offering farmers a dependable and effective solution.

Its reasonable pricing also guarantees farmers can simply get a high-quality tractor without having to worry about money. All things considered, farmers can greatly increase their agricultural output and efficiency with the help of this tractor.

2. HAV 50 S1 PLUS


The HAV 50 S1 Plus tractor, powered by a 48 HP engine, delivers exceptional field performance. Its robust construction is highly sought after, offering remarkable mileage and efficiency during farming operations. With a reliable transmission system, it achieves impressive speed and productivity.

With its large 60 + 40-litre fuel tank, this tractor has enough fuel to last for long workdays. Its 2000 kg lifting capacity allows it to handle huge loads with ease, increasing farmers’ efficiency and cultivation. Priced from ₹11,99,000, the HAV 50 S1 Plus is the preferred choice for farmers seeking reliable and efficient agricultural machinery to meet their farming needs.

3. HAV 45 S1

HAV 45 S1

With its sturdy 48 HP engine and efficient oil-immersed parking brake, the HAV 45 S1 tractor ensures reliable performance for farmers. Its ample 50-litre fuel tank enables prolonged operation, reducing the need for frequent refuelling, which is particularly advantageous for those working across vast areas or in remote regions.

Additionally, the oil-immersed parking brake improves safety, guaranteeing stable stops, particularly on uneven surfaces or while transporting heavy loads. This attribute assures farmers of operational safety and efficiency.

The HAV 45 S1 tractor offers farmers the strength, efficiency, and ease required for a range of farming tasks. Whether plowing fields, sowing seeds, or moving crops, this tractor is designed to meet farmers’ diverse needs, helping them increase productivity and simplify agricultural operations.

4. HAV 55 S1 Plus


The HAV 55 S1 Plus stands as a trusted ally for farmers with its sturdy 2400 Kg lifting capacity. Its diverse tread pattern tyres, featuring 9.5×18 front and 12.4×28 rear tyres, ensure optimal performance on any terrain. Priced at Rs. 13.99 Lakh* in India, it boasts a robust 51 HP engine, delivering efficient mileage during fieldwork.

Known for its power and mileage, this tractor is a top choice among farmers. Its oil-immersed parking brake guarantees smooth handling of heavy loads, enhancing its usefulness on the farm. With its strong lifting capacity and stable traction, the HAV 55 S1 Plus simplifies tasks like loading and transportation, saving farmers valuable time and effort.

Furthermore, the HAV 55 S1 Plus is built for versatility, enabling farmers to attach various implements for different agricultural tasks. Whether plowing, tilling, or harvesting, this tractor consistently delivers high performance, ultimately boosting overall farm productivity.

5. HAV 50 S1

HAV 50 S1

The HAV 50 S1 tractor packs a strong 48 HP engine, ensuring farmers have ample power for their tasks. Its 1800 Kg lifting capacity handles heavy loads easily, while its tread pattern tires offer stability on any terrain.

Priced competitively at Rs. 9.99 Lakh* in India, the HAV 50 S1 offers excellent value, allowing farmers to make the most of their investment. Featuring a 3-point linkage (CAT.1), it offers versatility for attaching various implements, enhancing its utility across different tasks.

With its rugged engine and solid build, the HAV 50 S1 tractor is a reliable partner for farm work. Its affordability and dependability make it an appealing option for farmers seeking productivity and cost-effectiveness in their equipment.

Which are the Best Models of HAV Tractor?

All the above-mentioned are popular HAV tractors in the Indian market. The HAV 50 S2 CNG HYBRID, a sturdy 52 HP tractor by HAV, competes strongly with other models. Meanwhile, the HAV 50 S1 PLUS is the top pick for today’s farmers, offering advance technology and standout features. These attributes contribute to achieving optimal performance both in the field and on the road.

Similarly, the HAV 45 S1 ranks among the popular tractor models offered by the HAV brand in India. HAV tractors are famous for providing excellent tractors and engines for tractors and commercial vehicles in the country. All tractors in our popular HAV tractor Price list in India are suitable for everyday farming requirements. You need to select a suitable tractor as per your requirements and budget.


HAV Tractors, also known as the Hybrid Agricultural Vehicle (HAV), are design to solve farmers’ problems using smart technology. They make farming easier by using less fuel and getting more work done. These tractors can be use for different jobs on the farm and in other industries. There are many options available to suit every farmer’s needs.

As we conclude our blog discussion about Popular HAV Tractors, it’s clear that they’re make for all kinds of farmers. This blog has given you a good look at Popular HAV Tractor Models, including their special features and details. Keep an eye out for updates on HAV Tractors’ prices and new developments in farming technology.

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