Top 5 Best Selling 60 HP Tractors In India 2024: Price & Features

Top 5 Best Selling 60 HP Tractors In India

The Indian farming industry is highly dependent on tractors as they help save time and cost for crop production processes. Also, the availability of different tractors makes it difficult to choose the best. However, the 60 HP tractors in India are suited for many farmers and can cater to every farming need. 

Moreover, tractors with 60 horsepower can effectively power the farm implements as well. Among the wide lineup of tractors in India, we are showcasing the top 5 best 60 HP tractors in India. 

5 Best Selling Tractor 60 HP Tractor Price List In India

The 60 HP tractors in India are helpful for both farming and industrial applications. Apart from this, these tractors are suitable for medium-sized to large farming fields.

1. Mahindra Novo 605 DI PP 4WD CRDIMAHINDRA NOVO 605 DI PP 4WD CRDI - 60 HP Tractor

Mahindra Novo 605 DI PP 4WD CRDI is a popular 60 HP 4WD tractor in India for farming. It has a fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engine which offers 2100 RPM at 60 HP with 3023 CC displacement. This tractor is equipped with a partial synchromesh transmission, delivering smooth performance with 15 Forward + 3 Reverse/15 Forward + 15 Reverse gears. Also, its dry-type air filter and water cooling ensure longevity.

Moreover, if you are pondering what is the price of 4WD 60 HP tractor from Mahindra, the price of this best 60 HP tractor starts from Rs. 11,65,000 and goes up to Rs. 12,35,000. Apart from this, the tractor has oil-immersed brakes, which give rapid stopping while ensuring safety. 

Also, the power steering gives precise handling over every farming surface, making it a farmer-friendly tractor. For agricultural activities such as land preparation or haulage, it has a 53.9 HP PTO and 2700 kg lifting capacity.

2. Swaraj 963 FESWARAJ 963 FE - 60 HP Tractor

Swaraj 963 FE is the best 60 HP tractor with 53.6 HP take-off power. The engine of this popular Swaraj tractor has 3 cylinders and 3478 CC capacity, which helps it to generate 2100 RPM.

Along with this, the tractor’s synchromesh transmission with 12F + 2R gearbox reduces noise and vibration while it is working. Its engine is equipped with a dry-type air filter and water cooling, which ensures the tractor performs for long periods.

If you are wondering what is the price of Swaraj 60 HP tractor, it is priced between Rs. 9,70,000 and Rs. 11,25,000. Moreover, this tractor has a 6 Spline PTO to operate implements such as threshers or rotavators. 

At the same time, a 2200 kg lifting capacity with CAT – II ADDC hydraulics helps in the precise lifting of the farming machines. In addition, the oil-immersed disc brakes enable operator safety. On the other hand, power steering gives easier handling.

3. Farmtrac 6055 PowermaxxFARMTRAC 6055 POWERMAXX - 60 HP Tractor

Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx is the best tractor in 60 HP in India that can serve many agricultural needs. This includes ploughing, sowing or harvesting. This popular 60 HP tractor has a 3910 CC, 4-cylinder engine, which gives 2000 RPM at 60 HP. 

Moreover, this Farmtrac tractor’s engine has a dry-type air filter, which is helpful for engine health. the Farmtrac 6055 tractor price starts from Rs. 9,30,000 and goes up to Rs. 9,90,000 in India. Furthermore, the tractor has a 51 HP PTO and 2500 kg hydraulics to carry out farming tasks such as fertiliser distribution. 

For smooth and safe driving, the Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx has a balanced power steering and mechanical, multi-plate oil-immersed braking with a 3750 mm turning radius. Also, the tractor’s seamless performance is ensured by a Constant Mesh transmission with a 16F + 4R gearbox.

4. Massey Ferguson 9563 SmartMASSEY FERGUSON 9563 SMART - 60 HP Tractor

Massey Ferguson 9563 Smart is a reliable farming tractor that is ideal for both commercial and marginal crop growers. This is due to the tractor’s 53 HP PTO and 2050 kg lifting capacity. Also, its 3-cylinder engine produces 2200 RPM and 220 Nm max torque at 60 HP. 

The partial constant mesh transmission of this best 60 HP tractor gives effortless operation and easier transition between 12 forward + 4 reverse gears. Moreover, its liquid cooling prevents engine overheating for better performance. With oil-immersed brakes, the tractor stops instantly without slippage. Also, the power steering offers a comfortable handling of the tractor over any crop field. 

5. Digitrac PP 51IDIGITRAC PP 51I - 60 HP Tractor

Digitrac PP 51I is one of the best 60 HP tractors for sale in India. It has a 4-cylinder, 60 HP engine with 3682 CC displacement to produce 2200 RPM. Along with this, its dry-type air filter and coolant cooling guarantee longer engine health. Moreover, the constant mesh transmission gives smooth gear shifting between 12 forward + 3 reverse gears.

The best selling 60 HP Digitrac PP 51I tractor in India starts from Rs. 7,78,000 and goes up to Rs. 8,08,000. Furthermore, the oil-immersed brakes give quick stopping, and a balanced power steering gives proper control. With a 51 HP PTO and 2000 kg lifting capacity, it easily caters to many agricultural needs. 

The Final Thoughts

This was the complete analysis of the top 5 best 60 HP tractors in India. Also, this blog explored the 60 HP tractor price in India with features. These most popular models, 60 HP tractors for farming, will prove to be a beneficial agricultural vehicle for every farmer. 

Moreover, this breakdown provides information such as power output, displacement capacity, PTO, brakes, steering and hydraulics to help farmers find out which tractor is best in 60 HP in India

For more updates about best selling tractors in India, visit Tractor Guru.

Frequently Asked Questions – 60 HP Tractor 

Ques. Which Tractor is Best in 60 HP in India?

Ans. The Mahindra Novo 605 DI PP 4WD CRDI, Swaraj 963 FE and Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx are some of the best tractors in 60 HP in India.

Ques. What is The Price Range of 4WD 60 HP Tractor?

Ans. The 4WD 60 HP Tractor Price Start Rs 7.78 lakh to Rs.12.35 Lakh in India is available on Tractor Guru. 

Ques. What is The Price of Swaraj 60 HP Tractor?

Ans. The price of Swaraj 60 HP tractor in India starts from Rs. 9,70,000 and goes up to Rs. 11,25,000 in India. 

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