Modern Vertical Farming In India With Complete Overview

Modern Vertical Farming In India With Complete Overview

As we know, the urban population is continually rising, and their consumption demand is rapidly increasing. To feed everyone while having less harm to the land and water resources, farmers are looking beyond traditional farming. And according to the research, It proves as a perfect solution that is implemented globally. By this farming, a farmer can also easily cultivate food crops according to consumer needs. It does not need more space to grow crops. Now farmers can easily grow crops in urban areas with a vertical farming solution because it requires less space and minimum energy, water and others. 

This is the basic information regarding this farming in India. Farmers are not completely aware of this farming and its process of execution. They need to know vertical agriculture for better future productivity and for fulfilling the consumption needs. So, here in this further blog, we are going to mention every piece of information related to vertical farming systems. 

Vertical Farming! What is it? 

In agriculture it is a process of growing food on vertical lined surfaces. As it does not require too much space, you can also grow it in the buildings, homes, and any congested areas. Farmers prefer to grow food crops on vertical surfaces instead of a single field or ground in this process. To grow crops vertically, the vertically stacked-layer method is used to grow crops in many structures like a skyscraper, shipping containers and abundant warehouses. 

Using controlled environment agriculture, farmers can execute vertical indoor farming systems and also plan many indoor farming ideas with various farming techniques. For example, artificial temperature, light, gases, and humidity help food plants and herbs indoors thrive. However, it is quite similar to greenhouses in such ways as metal reflectors, artificial lighting, etc. Lastly, the primary goal of this farming is also producing maximum crops in a limited space. 

Methods of Implementing Vertical Farming

There are four ways to understand how this farming implemented such as:-

1. Manual Layout –

Primarily, farmers grow foods per square meter vertically in a tower kind structured in a manner of stacked layers. 

2. Artificial Lighting –

As we know, it is done indoors and getting adequate sunlight is not possible. In that case, farmers set the lights according to the crops and make a perfect combination of artificial lights likewise natural. This process makes suitable lightroom for vertical crops. 

3. Growing Method –

This farming is done by other mediums instead of soil. It is a non-soil medium farming that is done by the vertical aquaponic, aeroponic and vertical hydroponic farming methods. 

4. Sustainable Goals –

This farming aims for many sustainable goals with less energy and also less water use by 95%. 

Do You Know!

Facts of Vertical Farming

Benefits Of Vertical Farming

Here are a few sterling benefits to considering this as future farming for food.

  • It offers a futuristic food demand plan. 
  • Grows all-year-round crops. 
  • Consumes 90% less water and energy.
  • Adverse weather can’t affect the crops.
  • Farmers can also grow more organic crops. 

“Why is Vertical farming technology called the future of farming?”

It has a lot of aims for the farm of the future and plays a significant role. We know the urban population is increasing rapidly, and around 60% of the population is expected to migrate to urban areas. The growing population will demand for more food to consume. So, by 2050 the craze of this farming will also increase, and it will be the source of future agriculture. 

Mostly Growing Crops in Vertical Farming 

Many technological vertical farming solutions are now able to produce many crops, including aeroponics, hydroponics and aquaponics. These methods also include many vertical cultivation like:-

  • Ginger vertical cultivation
  • Vertical greens
  • Crab farming 
  • Vertical farming vegetables, lettuce and many more. 

You can start this farming by many other methods like indoor vertical farming, modular farming, greenhouse farming, etc. Many companies have started vertical farming projects to upgrade farmers. Technology in farming can also be an excellent scope to learn for the farmers. To know more kinds of different farming, stay tuned with TractorGuru

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