Why Buy a Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT Tractor: Mileage, Features & Specs?

Mahindra Yuvo 585 Mat Expert Tractor Review

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, finding the right equipment that enhances productivity and simplifies farm operations is crucial. Among the many options available, the Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT tractor emerges as a game-changer. With its advanced features and specifications, this tractor has transformed the lives of farmers, offering unparalleled performance and efficiency. Are you ready to explore how the tractor can revolutionize your farming experience? Let’s delve into its features and specifications to uncover its power.

Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT Di 4WD

The Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT is a force to be reckoned with, incorporating features designed to enhance performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency. Here, we will explore each component in detail:

Engine: Powerhouse Performance

The heart of the Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT tractor is its powerful engine. With a 49 HP capacity and a 2979 cc configuration, this engine delivers raw power to tackle even the most demanding farming tasks. Operating at a rated RPM of 2000 ensures optimal performance and fuel efficiency. Equipped with four cylinders, a dry-type air filter, and a water-cooling system, this engine guarantees a smooth and reliable daily performance.

Transmission (Gearbox): Unmatched Versatility

The Yuvo 585 MAT Mahindra tractor offers a versatile transmission system that adapts to various farming needs. With a dual-clutch and SLIPTO technology, the tractor ensures seamless shifting between gears, minimizing power loss and maximizing efficiency. The side shift, full constant mesh transmission type provides precise control over gear selection. With 12F + 3R gears, you can choose the perfect speed for any farming operation.

Brakes: Safety and Control

Safety is paramount on any farm, and the Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT tractor prioritizes it with its oil-immersed brakes. These brakes provide superior stopping power, ensuring precise control even in challenging terrains or sudden manoeuvres. You can confidently navigate your farm with reliable brakes, knowing that your tractor will respond promptly to your commands.

Steering: Effortless Maneuverability

Efficient navigation is essential for optimal farm productivity, and the Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT excels in this aspect. Its dual-acting power steering system enables easy manoeuvrability, reducing driver fatigue and increasing efficiency. Although steering adjustment is unavailable, the tractor’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and seamless driving experience.

Power Take Off: Versatility Unleashed

The Yuvo 585 MAT model offers exceptional versatility through its power take-off (PTO) system. An IPTO type operating at 540 RPM provides sufficient power to drive various agricultural implements, increasing productivity and efficiency. The PTO power of 44.8 HP ensures smooth and reliable operation, enabling you to tackle multiple farming tasks easily.

Dimension and Weight: Optimal Design for Performance

Designed with performance and manoeuvrability in mind, this Mahindra Yuvo model strikes a perfect balance between size and sturdiness. Whether you opt for the 2WD or 4WD version, both models weigh 2100 KG, offering stability and traction without compromising efficiency. The wheelbase of 1970 MM, overall length of 3520 MM, and ground clearance of 375 MM ensure smooth operation even on challenging terrains.

Lifting Capacity (Hydraulics): Handling Heavy Loads

Handling heavy loads with the Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT tractor’s hydraulic system is effortless. With a lifting capacity of 1700 kg, you can easily manage various implements and attachments. The tractor’s robust hydraulic controls precisely control lifting operations, ensuring accurate and efficient work.

Tyre Size: Stability and Traction

The tractor ensures stability and traction with carefully selected tyre sizes on diverse terrains. The front tractor tyre, sized at 9.5 x 24, provide excellent grip and manoeuvrability, allowing you to navigate challenging farm conditions effortlessly. The rear tractor tyre, sized 14.9 x 28, offer enhanced traction and stability, ensuring optimal performance even on uneven or slippery surfaces.

Additional Features: Drive Type – 2WD / 4WD

The Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT offers 2WD and 4WD tractor drive types, providing flexibility to suit your farming requirements. Whether you need enhanced traction and power or prefer a more compact and efficient model, this tractor covers you.

Price and Warranty

With a Tractor price range of Rs. 7.60 lakhs to Rs. 7.90 lakhs, the Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT tractor offers excellent value for your investment. Additionally, it comes with a warranty of 2000 hours or 2 years, giving you peace of mind and ensuring the tractor’s reliability and durability.

Final Thoughts

The Mahindra Yuvo 585 MAT is a testament to Mahindra’s commitment to innovation and performance in the agricultural industry. With its impressive features, specifications, and competitive pricing, it is a tractor that every farmer should consider. From its powerful engine to its versatile transmission system, this tractor is designed to maximize efficiency, productivity, and fuel economy. Embrace the Yuvo 585 MAT and experience a new level of farming excellence in your fields. Your journey towards increased productivity and success starts here!

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