Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus Tractor Review: Specification & Price


Mahindra is the first choice of customers when it comes to modern farming machines. However, the Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus is a best-selling tractor for farming in India. Numerous modern features are available in this 49 HP Mahindra tractor, and it will surely be a profitable investment for farmers. As a result, this tractor contributes to farm mechanization with a powerful performance. 

Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus Specifications And Price 

This blog post will explain the specifications, price and features of the Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus tractor. Also, it will describe why this tractor should be your next investment. 

1. Best-In-Class Engine Performance

The all new Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus tractor comes with a powerful and fuel-efficient 49 HP engine. Its 4-cylinder engine generates an impressive 2100 RPM with the help of a 3054 CC displacement capacity. Moreover, this Mahindra tractor performs consistently on every farming terrain. Along with this, an effective 3-stage oil bath type filter with a pre-cleaner prevents dust and dirt from entering the engine. Additionally, the tractor can be operated longer because its engine is water-cooled. The Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus offers ideal dragging and pulling power due to 198 NM max torque. Therefore, it gives an effective operation for haulage activities as well. 

2. Hi-Tech Transmission System

This Mahindra tractor features a full constant mesh transmission with 8 forward + 2 reverse gears. As a result, Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus tractor offers different speed options for a variety of farming applications. 

 Also, the tractor has a centre-shift gear level position, ensuring a fatigue-free operation. There is a powerful single/dual clutch with RCRPTO, making gear transition smoother. This leads to a seamless drive with reduced noise and vibration. In addition, the max forward speed of this Mahindra tractor is 30.0 kmph and the 11.9 kmph max reverse speed. 

3. Steering For Easier Control

The best Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus comes with dual-acting power steering. As a result, this tractor gives easier control over any terrain. Also, the power steering is known for the comfort and fatigue-free steering of the vehicle. Therefore, this 49 HP Mahindra tractor is suitable for a longer duration of farming operations. Moreover, the tractor comes with easy-to-reach switches and controls. In addition, the power steering can work consistently without wear and tear, making the tractor cost-effective as well. 

4. Powerful Braking System

The Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus has an optional dry disc and oil-immersed brakes, and farmers can choose between them as per their convenience. However, oil-immersed brakes provide a long life due to lubrication. As a result, the OIB braking system is more popular. Moreover, both types of brakes offer reliable performance in stopping the tractor. Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus brakes give rapid stopping with a strong grip over any terrain. Thus, the operator’s safety is also ensured while operating this tractor for farming. 

5. Compatible Tyres With Durability

The Mahindra DI XP Plus front tractor tyre size is 7.5 X 16, whereas the rear tractor tyre size is 14.9 X 28. These tyre sizes are essential for a strong grip in muddy or wet fields. Also, these tractor tyres are easily available as they are compatible with mostly all tractors. 

6. Comfortable Driving Seat

Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus projects the comfort of crop production. This is why it is fitted with high-quality material and well-cushioned upholstery for the driver’s seat. As a result, farmers can operate this tractor without strain and sprain. Furthermore, the cabin of this tractor can withstand the strong PTO output of 45 Horsepower. So, choose Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus for a smooth and comfortable farming experience. 

7. Price And Warranty 

Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus price is Rs. 6.85 to 7.15 lakh in India. This tractor is designed according to the budget of Indian farmers, which is reasonable as per the features. Therefore, this tractor is ideal for budget-friendly farming. Along with this, the Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus warranty is 6000 Hours or 6 years, which is suitable. Therefore, choosing this Mahindra tractor for farming will benefit you in the long run. 


Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus is best for large-scale crop production, and this tractor will increase the quality and quantity of the crops. Farmers prefer this tractor for cost-effective farming with reduced labour. Along with this, the Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus is budget-friendly, so choose this Mahindra tractor in the era of mechanized farming. 

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