Mahindra Arjun 555 DI Tractor Review 2024: Price & Features

Mahindra Arjun 555 Di Tractor Review

Farm mechanisation requires farmer-friendly machines, and the Mahindra Mahindra Arjun 555 DI is one of them. It grabs every crop grower’s eye as it flaunts modern features with cost-effective operation. Moreover, the all new Mahindra Arjun 555 DI is a head-turner in terms of design and durability. So, what makes this Mahindra tractor a recommended farming choice? To find out, stay with us till the end to solve all your concerns, including the engine, specifications, warranty and price. Further speaking, we will describe the best buying options for this Mahindra tractor. 

Mahindra Arjun 555 DI 2024: Best Selling Tractor with New Hi-Tech Features 

Mahindra Arjun 555 DI has numerous features for both large-scale farming and industrial activities. This blog will discuss all the details regarding the best Mahindra Arjun 555 DI tractor price, unique features and other information. Below you will find the Mahindra Arjun 555 DI tractor price list, financing options and why this tractor can be a profitable investment for your farm. So, let’s examine the Mahindra Arjun 555 DI tractor.

1. Fuel Efficient Engine – Hi-Tech Features

Mahindra Arjun 555 Di Engine

Crop production constitutes numerous steps, such as tilling, sowing and harvesting. All these steps are needed to be carried out with a tractor, and the Mahindra Arjun 555 DI is ideal for such operations. The engine of this Mahindra tractor generates 2100 RPM at 50 HP with the help of 3054 CC displacement capacity. However, the tractor can perform for a longer duration as the engine’s temperature is maintained by a water-cooled system. Also, the durability of the engine is signified by the dry-type air filter, as it protects the engine from dust and dirt. 

Talking about the Mahindra Arjun 555 DI engine’s vitality in farming operations, it offers 42.9 PTO HP, powering essential farming implements. Apart from these specifications, it offers a fuel-efficient performance, making the tractor cost-effective as well. 

2. Smoothly Functioning Transmission

Mahindra Arjun 555 di Transmission

The operator can easily shift gears in the Mahindra Arjun 555 DI with the help of an optional partial synchromesh or full constant mesh. As a result, the transition is smoother when switching from a lower speed to a higher speed and vice-versa. Moreover, the operator can choose between a single or double clutch to effectively disengage the engine power. 

Speaking about the Mahindra Arjun 555 DI gearbox, it comprises 8 forward + 2 reverse gears. Thus, a variety of speed options are available for operating numerous implements and carrying out different field activities. Apart from this, the max forward speed of this Mahindra tractor is 32.0 kmph, and the maximum reverse is 12.0 kmph, leading to quicker operations. 

3. Comfortable Seating 

Mahindra Arjun 555 di Seat

Built with quality upholstery and durable material, the seat of the Mahindra Arjun 555 DI provides ease of operation for longer field hours. Moreover, there is comfortable spacing, making the manoeuvrability of the tractor hassle-free. Also, the controls are easier to reach without disturbing the operator’s posture. As a result, it defines a fatigue-free accomplishment of farming activities. 

Furthermore, the body of this Mahindra tractor is robust, which makes it an eye-catching agricultural product for commercial farming. Hence, farmers hugely rely on this tractor model as it comes with such farmer-friendly features. 

4. Powerful Steering For Better Control

Mahindra Arjun 555 di Stering

Farming terrains are rough, and crop production activities are done in narrow spaces. Therefore, the Mahindra Arjun 555 DI comes with the option between mechanical and power steering system. Furthermore, the single drop arm in the steering system for effortless control while ensuring the safety of the operator. The Mahindra Arjun 555 provides a quicker response of the steering on uneven surfaces. This is why it is a trustworthy choice for crop production. In addition, the steering system can work efficiently for a long time without maintenance. In this way, the steering system is one of the attractive features of this tractor

5. Effective Braking System 

Mahindra Arjun 555 di Breaking System

The Mahindra Arjun 555 has an oil-immersed braking system for effective and prompt action for stopping the tractor. This type of braking system works well for a long time as there is proper lubrication. Also, it helps to rapidly stop the tractor on slippery field surfaces, making farming operations easier. The swift motion of the brake pedals allows the operator to stop the tractor with heavy loads or while dragging trolleys. 

Regarding the working of the tractor in confined spaces, it has a 3300 mm turning radius, leading to efficiently turning the tractor while engaging the brakes. 

6. Quality Made Tyres For Higher Traction

Mahindra Arjun 555 di Breaking tyre

The compatible front tractor tyres for this farming product have an optional 6 X 16 or 7.5 X 16 size. On the other hand, the rear tractor tyres size is 14.9 X 28 / 16.9 X 28. Hence, the Arjun 555 DI tractor tyres are easily available. However, the tyres provide ideal traction and a strong grip in every farming field. The tractor tyres have a long life and can perform both commercial farming and industrial tasks. 

Apart from this, most of the tractor tyres available in the market can go with this Mahindra tractor. Thus, the tyre is another essential accessory of this tractor. 

7. Price And Warranty Details 

The Mahindra Arjun 555 tractor price in India is Rs. 7.80 to 8.05 lakh. Its price is decided according to the Indian farmers’ budget, and it is challenging to find such an excellent farming machine in this price range. There is a warranty of 2000 hours or 2 years available on this tractor, which is adequate according to the features. However, the Mahindra Arjun 555 DI on road price varies from the ex-showroom price due to numerous factors. 

The Final Thoughts

We have explained all the necessary information about the Mahindra Arjun 555 tractor. This includes the price, warranty, and best buying option as per convenience. In this way, this blog describes why this Mahindra tractor can be your next investment. Also, Tractor Guru offers the latest agricultural updates and modern farming innovations. Stay connected with Tractor Guru for more such reviews of powerful tractors

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