Mahindra 415 DI Tractor Expert Review 2024 – Price and Mileage

Mahindra-415-DI expert review 2023

The Mahindra tractor 415 DI is a reliable and versatile machine that has gained popularity among farmers who are looking for a high-performance tractor. This all new tractor 415 DI is manufactured by the Indian multinational corporation Mahindra & Mahindra, which is known for producing top-notch farm equipment.

Furthermore, the Mahindra 415 DI Tractor is designed to cater to the needs of farmers, providing them with the necessary power and performance to handle demanding farm operations. Whether you need to take heavy loads or tackle tough terrain, this tractor model is up to the task. To summarize, with its advanced technology, reliable engine and sturdy build, this model has become popular among farmers worldwide.

Mahindra 415 DI Price and Tractor Mileage – New Advance Hi-Tech Features 2024

Now, let’s dive into the features and specifications of the Mahindra Tractor model. This section will give you a comprehensive understanding of the Mahindra 415 on road price, capabilities and performance, allowing you to decide whether it is the right tractor for your farm operations. Moreover, we will cover all the key aspects, from the engine power and hydraulic system to the transmission and operator comfort. 

1. Engine

Mahindra 415 DI Engine

The Mahindra 415 DI Tractor model is equipped with a reliable and powerful four-cylinder engine. The engine capacity of the tractor is 2730 cc and has an engine-rated RPM of 1900. Also, the maximum torque produced by the engine is 158 Nm, which provides sufficient power to handle heavy-duty tasks on the farm.

One of the important features of the engine is especially the wet-type air filter system, which ensures that clean air is supplied to the engine for optimal performance. The engine also has an efficient water-cooled cooling system that keeps the engine running at the right temperature, even during prolonged use.

2. Transmission Type 

Mahindra 415 Di Transmission

The gearbox of the Mahindra 415 DI Tractor model is an integral part of its overall design and performance. Also, the tractor has a single/dual-clutch type with a partial constant mesh transmission that ensures smooth shifting between gears. Additionally, the speed range of the tractor is from 2.9 km/hr to 29.1 km/hr, with a reverse speed range of 3.9 km/hr to 11.2 km/hr.

The tractor has 8 forward gears + 2 reverse gears, providing the operator with sufficient options to control the tractor’s speed per the task. Also, the gears are easy to operate and provide smooth shifting, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

3.Tractor PTO Power 

The Power Take Off (PTO) system of the Mahindra 415 DI Tractor is a crucial component that provides power to various farm implements. The tractor has a standard 6-spline PTO shaft with a maximum output of 36 HP. Moreover, this power output allows the operator to run multiple implements, such as ploughs, cultivators, harvesters, and more. Also, the PTO system features a smooth and efficient power transfer, ensuring maximum productivity and performance. 

4. Comfortable Driver Seat

Mahindra 415 DI Seat

The Mahindra 415 DI Tractor is known for its comfortable and spacious operator’s seat, providing a relaxed driving experience, even during long working hours. The seat is built from high-quality materials that are both durable and comfortable. Thus, ensuring that the operator remains calm and focused while operating the tractor. Additionally, the tractor seat also has a backrest, providing ample support and comfort to the operator’s back. So, this system helps reduce fatigue and discomfort, even during long work hours, and allows the operator to focus on the task.

5. Tractor Brakes System 

Mahindra 415 di Brakes

Mahindra 415 DI Tractor’s brakes are multi-disc oil immersed, providing efficient and reliable stopping power. In addition, the brakes are smooth and responsive and are known for their longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. The multi-disc design helps dissipate heat, thus reducing the risk of brake fade, especially during heavy-duty operations. Overall, the brakes on the Mahindra 415 DI Tractor are a strong point and provide reliable and efficient braking performance.

6. Mahindra 415 Di Power Steering

Mahindra 415 Di Steering

The Mahindra 415 Tractor is equipped with a mechanical/ power steering system that provides precise and effortless control of the tractor. This steering makes it easier to manoeuvre the tractor, especially in tight spaces and during heavy-duty operations. Also, the steering is responsive and well-balanced, allowing the operator to turn quickly and precisely. 

Additionally, the power steering system reduces fatigue and stress on the operator’s hands and arms, making it easier to operate the tractor for longer periods. 

7. Lifting Capacity & Tractor Weight –  Mahindra 415 DI 

The Mahindra 415 DI Tractor is a versatile machine that offers excellent performance for a variety of tasks. With a lifting capacity of 1500 kg, it can handle heavy loads and quickly work demanding tasks. Moreover, the tractor’s weight of 1,785 kilograms ensures stability and durability, making it a reliable choice for even the toughest jobs.

8. Tractor Size and Dimensions

Mahindra 415 DI tyre

Furthermore, the tractor is equipped with 6 x 16 front and 13.6 x 28 rear tractor tyres, which provide excellent grip and traction on various terrains. The compact dimensions of 1910 mm make the Mahindra 415 DI Tractor highly manoeuvrable and easy to use, even in tight spaces. Whether working on a farm, construction site, or any other demanding environment, this tractor is a great choice for your needs.

9. Price and Warranty

Mahindra 415 DI Tractor, priced between Rs. 6.20 lakh – Rs. 6.60 lakh, comes with a standard warranty of 2 years or 2000 hours. Particularly, the warranty provides peace of mind to the customer, as it covers the cost of repairing or replacing any defective parts. 

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the warranty is subject to terms and conditions, and the customer should carefully review the warranty documentation before purchasing the tractor. Furthermore, proper maintenance and usage of the tractor, as specified in the operator’s manual, can help to maintain the warranty’s validity.

Lastly, the warranty on the tractor provides a good level of protection for the customer and is a good value for the investment made in the tractor.

Used 415 DI Mahindra Tractor

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On Tractor Guru, you can find a variety of used 415 DI Tractors, ranging in age and condition. Conversely, one of the benefits of purchasing a used tractor on Tractor Guru is that you have access to a large number of listings, allowing you to compare different options and find the best tractor for your needs. Additionally, the website provides detailed information about each tractor, including specifications, features, and images, which can help you make an informed decision.

In addition, another benefit is the option to purchase from a variety of sellers. Thus, allowing you to choose the seller that best meets your needs and preferences.

Regarding pricing, on Tractor Guru, you may find the best Mahindra 415 DI tractor price in India. Second hand tractor models on Tractor Guru are generally priced competitively and can offer a cost-effective alternative to buying a new tractor. However, as with any used equipment, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the tractor before purchasing it to ensure that it meets your requirements and is in good working condition.

Similar Mahindra 415 DI Tractor Models – Best Selling in 2024

If you’re in the market for a tractor similar to 415 DI, there are several other models you may want to consider. These tractors offer identical features, performance, and capabilities as the Mahindra 415 DI, but with some variations.

Some popular alternatives include the Sonalika GT 20, the Massey Ferguson 1035 DI, and the Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux. Consequently, these alternatives to the 415 DI Mahindra Tractor offer reliable and efficient performance, making them ideal for various farming and construction tasks.

Lastly, visit Tractor Guru for more information on the New Mahindra 415 Tractor Price List and specifications.

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