Farmtrac 45 Classic: Tractor Review & Features Explained


If you need a fuel-efficient and power-packed farming tractor, the Farmtrac 45 Classic is the right choice. This Farmtrac tractor serves every activity related to commercial crop production. Furthermore, this agriculture tractor is a best-selling product of Farmtrac & Farmtrac, making it a trustworthy farming vehicle. 

Top 7 Features Farmtrac 45 Classic: The Trust Of Farmers

In this blog post, we bring you the essential details related to the price, specifications and features of the Farmtrac 45 Classic tractor. Therefore, be with this blog to know every information regarding this powerful Farmtrac tractor

1. Fuel-Efficient Engine For High Performance 

Farmtrac-45-Classic Power-Packed Engine

The Farmtrac 45 Classic has a 48 Horsepower engine that offers an impressive 1850 RPM with the help of 2900 CC displacement capacity. As a result, farmers rely on this Farmtrac tractor for powering mechanised agriculture. Moreover, a wet air filter offers a longer duration of field operations for every crop. However, the engine temperature is maintained by a coolant-cooled system, making it ideal for tough conditions. 

Apart from the superior performance of the engine, the tractor also consumes less fuel leading to environmental sustainability. Therefore, the all new Farmtrac 45 Classic tractor budget-friendly option for farming operations in every farming field. 

2. Smooth Transmission For Easier Operations

Farmtrac 45 Classic Smooth Transmission

The Farmtrac 45 Classic tractor comes with a robust and efficient transmission system to ensure smooth performance in different farming operations. Its transmission is engineered to handle the demands of heavy-duty tasks while providing ease of use and versatility. The tractor features a full constant mesh transmission with a single clutch. This allows the operator to choose the right gear for a specific task. 

The transmission offers precise and effortless shifting, enabling seamless transitions between gears for the desired speed option. Additionally, the Farmtrac 45 Classic tractor’s transmission features advanced technology to maximise power delivery as it has 8 forward + 2 reverse gears. As a result, farmers experience improved fuel efficiency and productivity. The transmission helps in ploughing the fields and operating implements along haulage activities. Therefore, Farmtrac 45 Classic tractor’s transmission delivers superior performance to fulfil modern farming needs.

3. Effective Steering For Smooth Handling 

Farmtrac 45 Classic Effective Steering

Equipped with a well functioning mechanical/balanced power steering system, the Farmtrac 45 Classic gives easier handling over any surface. Furthermore, the steering of this tractor is known for comfort, so farmers can effortlessly carry out long hours of agricultural activities. Also, the steering system of this agricultural Farmtrac tractor presents a fatigue-free driving experience for crop growers. Thus, buying this 48 HP Farmtrac tractor will benefit you in the long run. 

4. Powerful Brakes For Safety 

Farmtrac 45 Classic Powerful Brakes

There are effective multi-plate oil-immersed disc brakes fitted in the braking system of this tractor. Hence, the braking system helps in stopping the tractor on every terrain. Further speaking, Farmtrac 45 Classic brakes guarantee the operator’s safety. 

Also, the brakes are reliable as they are well-lubricated for longer life. Therefore, the brakes can perform ideally without significant maintenance. Along with this, the Farmtrac 45 has a suitable turning radius with brakes, offering smoother functioning. 

5. Tyres For A Higher Grip

Farmtrac 45 Classic High Quality Tyres

The tyres of this Farmtrac tractor are perfect for rough conditions. The Farmtrac 45 Classic rear tractor tyre size is 13.6 X 28 / 14.9 X 28. On the other hand, the front tractor tyre size is 6 X 16 / 6.5 X 16, providing a strong grip. These tyres help overcome slippery and wet terrain with a superior grip. As a result, the tractor is preferred by a large number of farmers for a variety of operations, including haulage. 

6. Comfortable Seat For A Fatigue-Free Drive

Farmtrac 45 Classic Comfortable Seat

The Farmtrac 45 Classic agricultural tractor is farmer-friendly, as it has a comfortable seating area. With a spacious area and good-quality upholstery, this best Farmtrac tractor provides fatigue-free operations in every crop field. Moreover, the tractor does not create much noise and vibration when it generates 38.3 HP of Take-Off Power. Also, the tractor ensures stable operations in lifting heavy machines with the help of a 1480 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, which has ADDC controls.  

7. Price And Warranty Details

The Farmtrac 45 Classic price is Rs. 6.79 to 7.22 lakh in India. However, the Farmtrac 45 Classic tractor on road price differs from the ex-showroom tractor price due to numerous factors. In addition, the tractor has 6-year or 6000 hours of warranty, which is justified according to the features. So, choose this best Farmtrac tractor as a budget-friendly crop production choice. 

The Final Thought

This way, we have described every detail regarding the Farmtrac 45 Classic farming tractor. The details mentioned above describe the Farmtrac 45 Classic specifications, price and farming features. This tractor is perfect for every farming operation, and choosing it will improve crop yield. Hence, select this tractor from Farmtrac as a profitable agricultural investment. This blog will answer all your concerns about the best-in-class farming tractor. For more details about the latest Farmtrac tractors, stay connected with Tractor Guru.

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