Best Tips To Find The Right Tractor For You – Know Essential Details

Best Tips To Find The Right Tractor For You

A tractor is one of the most valuable assets for a farmer. Therefore, choosing a farming tractor is a vital decision. Consequently, you must consider all the essential factors before selecting an ideal agriculture tractor so that your precious savings are used smartly. To find the right tractor to improve farm productivity, it requires research and time. 

In the modern era of farm mechanization, every farmer needs a suitable machine for performing a list of agricultural operations. Moreover, tractors are one of the crucial machines which led to the revolution in crop production. Before the introduction of tractors, farming activities were carried out manually, which required significant labour and cost investment. Therefore, the profits were low during that time as compared to today’s world. Besides being useful, a tractor also powers other farming tools for various needs. However, if you are willing to buy a tractor to boost farm productivity, we provide you with all the essential tips regarding how to select your tractor as per your requirements. 

Best 8 Tips To Find The Right Tractor – According Your Need

1. Compatibility With Location And Crop 

Every crop field requires a different tractor according to different climatic conditions and ground surfaces. For example, a field used for large-scale production of crops will need a powerful utility tractor with various attachments. On the other hand, if you want a tractor for gardens and orchards, a mini tractor will be compatible with such needs. Thus, it becomes crucial to determine the tractor’s compatibility with your field before selecting the right tractor.  

2. Know The Suitable Power For Your Field 

The need for powerful tractors is another requirement for crop fields. However, the power of a tractor is defined according to the field’s size and crop type. Moreover, this tractor power is further categorised into two types:- 

  • Horsepower 
  • Take-Off Power

Horsepower determines the power required to drive the tractor. Whereas the Take-Off Power is needed to operate the farming implements. 

3. Efficient Engine 

Many farming tasks are carried out with the help of machines, and some of them require a powerful and fuel-efficient engine for their work. With a robust and fuel-efficient engine, a modern farmer can easily perform tasks such as running a Rotavator or Plough. That is why consideration of engine specifications is necessary in order to find the right tractor for modern-day farming.

4. Know Your Budget

A reasonable tractor budget helps to choose the right tractor as those models which do not come under the decided budget are already eliminated. This makes finding the right tractor easier for you. Note that the budget range should be justified because modern technology requires a significant investment of money, resources and time. Hence, choose the tractor according to your budget. 

5. Wheel Drive

There are some scenarios where a farming tractor gets stuck in the field. This is due to the rough and uneven terrain. Apart from this, wet soil requires more traction and grip to perform effortlessly. Thus, depending on the surfaces and muddy conditions, 4WD tractor models are preferred. However, 2WD and 4WD tractors have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, muddy soil needs 4WD tractors because power is transmitted to all the wheels. In contrast, 2WD tractors are recommended for their low weight and quicker movement. Hence, consider the wheel drive also for choosing the right tractor.

6. Ideal Transmission 

Tractors have gears just like any other automobile. And a suitable transmission system helps to switch these gears according to our needs smoothly. Moreover, the transmission of a tractor impacts the driver’s comfort also. For example, suppose the transmission makes noise while driving and gear transitions; it becomes difficult for a farmer to operate the tractor as per his convenience. So, keeping the suitable transmission in mind helps to determine how to choose the right tractor for your field.

However, the most common transmissions used in tractors are:-

  • Fully Constant Mesh Transmission 
  • Partial Constant Mesh Transmission 
  • Synchromesh Transmission 
  • Sliding Mesh Transmission 
  • Hydrostatic Transmission 

7. Ensure Proper Safety 

Modern technology will be more beneficial for us if we utilise it with proper safety. However, tractors are prone to various mishappenings. Thus, make sure your desirable tractor has complete safety for the operator, such as Roll Over Protection System, sufficient braking and suitable ground clearance. If a tractor has all these preventive measures, it can be considered the right tractor for you. So, safety is another important tip in helping to find the right tractor. 

8 Good Resale Value 

Resale is a vital factor when it comes to choosing any farm equipment, such as tractors. We should keep in mind that only one farmer cannot operate any farming machine. After a certain time, a farmer decides to resell the tractor. Thus, choose the right tractor with a good resale value as it can be a decisive factor for profit. 

Compatibility with Farm Implements

The way farming implements or tools are used in the Indian agriculture sector is necessary to find the right tractor compatible with such tools. We have to check whether the PTO HP is sufficient to operate the different implements, such as plough and cultivator or if the hydraulic capacity is powerful enough to lift heavy weights. Also, some tractors are preferred to perform a specific farming operation. 

Furthermore, let’s look at some popular tractor brands and their models, which are best in the segment for numerous farming activities. Below are the top farming brands and models in India.

Find The Right Farming Tractors – The Popular Ones

1. Mahindra Tractor

Mahindra is a preferred tractor brand in India due to its high-quality tractors. Its two popular tractor models are

(a) Mahindra 475 DI 

Mahindra 475 DI

This Mahindra tractor is the right tractor for you as it is compatible with heavy-duty rotavators and is efficient in performing tilling activities.

(b) Mahindra 575 DI


Mahindra 575 is one of the best tractors from Mahindra and Mahindra. Its 45 HP engine is great for planting machines such as seed drills. Moreover, it is ideal for haulage tasks by handling tipping trailers. 

(c) Mahindra 275 DI TU

Mahindra 275 DI TU

The Mahindra 275 tractor is recommended for potato planting. It has numerous applications, like powering a thresher with the help of its 33.4 PTO HP. 

2. Swaraj Tractor

Swaraj tractors is another famous farming brand for you. If you want to find the right tractor for your needs, Swaraj is a preferable choice. Let’s look at the top tractor models from this brand.

(a) Swaraj 735 FE

Swaraj 735 FE

Swaraj 735 has a lot of significance in farming. This is due to the combination of power steering and oil-immersed brakes, which gives the best control and stability. Thus, it can be used in muddy conditions.

(b) Swaraj 744 FE

Swaraj 744 FE

This Swaraj model is perfect for ploughs and dozers, as it is fitted with a Direction Control Valve, which helps to handle external hydraulic implements. 

3. Massey Ferguson Tractor 

Massey tractors have a great market value in the Indian agriculture industry. This brand manufactures tractors according to the suitability of fields and crops. Furthermore, two excellent Massey Ferguson tractors are:- 

(a) Massey Ferguson 9500 

Massey Ferguson 9500 

The Massey 9500 tractor performs brilliantly in every field because it has an adjustable front axle helping with convenience. 

(b) Massey Ferguson 246 DI DYNATRACK

Massey Ferguson 246 DI DYNATRACK

This 46 HP tractor is an ideal choice. Massey Ferguson 246 DI Dynatrack comes with a 2035 mm wheelbase for haulage activities. Thus, it offers a smoother driving experience. 

4. New Holland Tractor 

New Holland tractors are reliable if you want to find the right tractor. This brand manufactures suitable choices for every farmer. Some of the top-notch New Holland tractors are:-

(a) New Holland 3630 TX Plus

New Holland 3630 TX Plus

The 55 HP New Holland tractor has high lift capacity actuated ram to offer the best in class farming activities. So, grab this tractor now to accomplish convenient production.

(b) New Holland 3230 NX

New Holland 3230 NX

It can be the right tractor for you because it has Multi Sensing with a DRC Valve, which proves helpful in carrying out a range of farming activities.

The Final Thought

In this way, we have described the best tips to find the right tractor for your farm. Also, this article describes some of the best-suited tractors according to farming and haulage needs. This blog will solve all your concerns regarding the right tractor. If you want more information about tractors, farming tools and agricultural updates, stay tuned with Tractor Guru.

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