5 Best Selling 55 HP Tractors In India 2024: Price & Features

5 Best Selling 55 HP Tractors In India

Among a huge lineup of farming tractors in India, every farmer wants to get the best one for their field. However, a pro-farmer considers a number of factors before buying the desired tractor. These factors include HP, price warranty, resale value and other crucial aspects. Also, farmers look for a power-packed tractor which can fulfil every farming demand. This is where the best 55 HP tractors in India come into play. 

Moreover, 55 HP tractors are the ideal companion for farmers as they give the much-needed power to throttle every farming implement. As a result, we are offering the top 5 best 55 HP tractors in India to help farmers achieve higher profits. 

List Of 5 Best 55 HP Tractors Price List in India 2024

This blog will explore the top 5 Best 55 HP tractors price list in India with their features. Let’s have a look at these power-packed tractors.

Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx 

Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx 

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The Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx is one of the best 55 HP tractors in India. It uses top-of-the-line features to perform every farming task. It has a 3-cylinder engine, delivering 55 HP of remarkable power. Moreover, the Constant mesh transmission gives smooth gear shifting for effortless farming. Also, this best 55 HP tractor model comes with a gearbox which has 16 forward + 4 reverse gears

Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx has an oil-immersed braking system with power steering. As a result, it ensures a better handling of the tractor. Moreover, a 49 HP PTO with 6 splines is perfect for medium to commercial crop fields. This is why it helps fulfil every crop production need. However, This 55 HP tractor for sale in India has a price of Farmtrac 60 Rs. 7.91 to 10.16 lakh. Farmtrac Powermaxx best tractor series models in India. Powermaxx tractor series hp range tractor models start from 50 HP to 60 HP.



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The best 55 HP New Holland TD 5.90 tractor will improve the quality of crop production in every field. It can cater to a bunch of challenging farming tasks without any hassle. The 55 HP, 3-cylinder engine of this tractor offers 2300 RPM, enabling crop growers to carry out farming operations easily. Equipped with a power steering system, this powerful 55 HP tractor effectively carries out crucial agricultural activities without any hassle. 

Moreover, a well-functioning 50.7 HP PTO operates a variety of farming implements. Also, a large fuel tank of 60 litres assists the longer working of this New Holland tractor. The New Holland 3630 TX Plus+ has a lifting capacity of 1700/2000 kg to lift heavy tools. Apart from these modern features, the price of this 55 HP New Holland TD 5.90 tractor in India is Rs. 8.00 to 11.00 lakh

John Deere 5310


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John Deere 5310 is another of the best 55 HP tractors for farming in India. Its features make crop production easier for Indian farmers. It helps the farmers to carry out tasks such as ploughing over rough soil. The 55 HP John Deere 5310 offers remarkable power for various farming operations, leading to higher earnings. As a result, it is the best mileage tractor in 55 HP in India. 

The tractor has a 3-cylinder engine, generating 2400 RPM at 55 HP. Also, it comes with a power steering column, offering controlled handling on every agricultural terrain. The tractor features a collarshift transmission. The 46.7 HP PTO of this John Deere tractor is ideal for a range of farm implements. All these features make it a cost-effective 55 HP tractor. However, the John Deere 5310 price in India is Rs. 10.52 to 12.50 lakh.

Sonalika DI 750 III Sikander


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Sonalika DI 750 III Sikander tractor is one of the best selling 55 HP tractors in India. This tractor model has a 4-cylinder, 55-horsepower engine with a fuel-efficient performance. It gives access to easier farming to every crop grower. As a result, it is a popular 55 HP Sonalika tractor in India.

Moreover, the Sonalika DI 750 III Sikander has oil-immersed brakes, defining the best safety standards. At the same time, the constant mesh transmission of this tractor model gives a seamless experience in farming. Also, with a wet-type air filter and a water-cooled engine, it offers longer performance without high maintenance. However, this 55 HP Sonalika DI 750 tractor price in India is Rs. 7.32 to 7.79 lakh. Sonalika Sikander Most Popular Tractor Series in India. Sikander tractor series Price range range start from Rs 5.8 lakh up to 9 Lakh in India and hp range tractor models start from 39 HP to 60 HP.

Powertrac Euro 55


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The best 55 HP Powertrac Euro 55 tractor is also a preferable choice for crop production in India. Its powerful 4-cylinder engine produces a 55 horsepower. This tractor from Powertrac is trusted for carrying out essential crop production activities. These activities include ploughing, sowing and harvesting. Furthermore, the full constant transmission enables seamless gear shifting. 

The Multi Plate Oil Immersed Disc Brakes give proper safety for the operator. The 46.75 HP PTO suits a range of farm implements. At the same time, a balanced power steering column gives a fatigue-free experience on every farming surface. This is why the Powertrac Euro tractor is one of the best vehicles for farming. Moreover, it is the best tractor in 55 HP in India with price of Powertrac Euro 55 Rs. 8.26 to 8.54 lakh.

The Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the best 55 HP tractors in India, farmers are presented with a diverse range of options, each offering unique features and capabilities to enhance their farming operations. The top 5 tractors discussed in this blog cater to a variety of needs and preferences, ensuring that Indian farmers can find the perfect match for their requirements.

The Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx impresses with its powerful engine and smooth gear shifting, while the New Holland 3630 TX Plus+ stands out with its efficient performance and lifting capacity. John Deere 5310 offers remarkable power and excellent mileage, making it a cost-effective choice. The Sonalika DI 750 III Sikander prioritizes safety and durability, ensuring a long-lasting performance. Lastly, the Powertrac Euro 55 tractor is known for its seamless gear shifting and fatigue-free operation.

These tractors not only make farming easier but also contribute to higher crop yields and earnings. With a range of prices and features, Indian farmers have the flexibility to choose the 55 HP tractor that best suits their agricultural needs.

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