Top 5 New Holland 4WD Tractor Models in India: Price & Features

top 5 new holland 4wd tractor

New Holland’s 4WD tractors are popular for crop production. These 4-wheel drive tractor models from New Holland are trusted for their advanced features and modern build. They give higher traction and more power, which makes them perfect for farming on a large scale in every challenging terrain. Moreover,  4WD tractors have numerous features which help Indian farmers to boost crop productivity. In addition, they reduce labour costs and time consumption. Therefore, we are presenting India’s top 5 New Holland 4WD tractor models. 

Best 5 New Holland 4WD Tractor Models Price List in India 2024

In this blog, we showcase the best 5 New Holland 4WD tractor models that make agriculture easier for every farmer with advanced features while ensuring cost efficiency.

1. New Holland 4710 


The New Holland 4710 is a popular tractor model with a 4-wheel drive. It is suited for every farming field as this New Holland 4WD tractor offers a better grip while ensuring high performance. This tractor model has a 3-cylinder engine with 2700 CC capacity, offering 2250 RPM at 47 HP. Moreover, the Fully Constant Mesh/Synchro Shuttle transmission gives a smooth driving experience with 8 forward + 2 reverse gears. 

It has mechanical, real oil-immersed brakes with a power/mechanical steering system for higher control and safety. The tractor’s independent 6-spline, 43 horsepower PTO also offer ease in carrying out various farming tasks. However, the New Holland 4710 price in India is according to the budget of Indian farmers. 

2. New Holland 9010 


The New Holland 9010 is a powerful tractor for every farming operation. Its 4-wheel drive mechanism gives high performance with higher power on all four wheels. The 90 HP, 4-cylinder engine offers an excellent 2200 RPM for different farming operations. Equipped with an adjustable power steering, this New Holland tractor can be easily controlled on any terrain. 

Furthermore, the 76.5 HP PTO helps with necessary farming operations. On the other hand, the huge 90-litre fuel tank capacity assists longer operations in the crop field. This best New Holland 4WD tractor has a strong hydraulic lifting capacity of 2500 kg to lift heavy tools seamlessly. Along with these features, the New Holland 9010 has an economical price for every Indian farmer. 

3. New Holland TD 5.90 


This New Holland 4WD tractor comes with advanced farming features to improve the quantity and quality of the yield. The 4-wheel drive mechanism of this tractor has a crucial role in higher production. The New Holland TD 5.90 offers sufficient power for essential farming operations such as ploughing, harvesting and haulage. Moreover, this 4WD tractor is best for operations in wet farming fields as well.

 The tractor has a 90 HP engine with 4 cylinders to produce an impressive 2200 RPM. This model has a full synchromesh, synchro shuttle transmission. It has an adjustable power steering to give smoother handling in every farming task. The 76.5 HP PTO is an impressive feature of this New Holland 4WD tractor, making it a trusted choice as a farming vehicle. As a result, the New Holland TD 5.90 is a profitable farming machine for every modern farmer.

4. New Holland 5500 Turbo Super 


The New Holland 5500 Turbo Super is a power-packed tractor from New Holland. This tractor model has a 3-cylinder, 55 HP engine with 2931 CC displacement capacity. It gives the best performance to complete every farming task. The 4-wheel drive of this New Holland 4WD tractor is ideal for difficult farming surfaces.

The dual-clutch, fully constant mesh/partial synchro mesh transmission gives a smooth and hassle-free driving experience. Also, the dual-element, dry-type air filter of this New Holland 4WD tractor model prevents the engine from dust and dirt. However, this tractor from New Holland is reasonably tractor price in India, making it a reliable choice among Indian farmers. 

5. New Holland 3600-2 TX ALL ROUNDER PLUS 


The New Holland 3600-2 TX ALL ROUNDER PLUS is a classy tractor model with a 4-wheel drive mechanism. Its 3-cylinder, 3070 CC capacity engine produces 2500 RPM at 50 HP. This 4WD tractor from New Holland is perfect for crop production. Furthermore, the partial constant transmission helps in efficient farming. 

The mechanically actuated oil-immersed multi-disc brakes offer safety for the operator. The 43 HP PTO is adequate for commercial to small farming fields. At the same time, the power/mechanical steering gives proper control over any surface. Therefore, this 4WD tractor from New Holland is preferred for easily carrying out agricultural tasks.  


This was a detailed breakdown of India’s top 5 New Holland 4WD tractors. Moreover, choosing a New Holland tractor with a four-wheel drive will surely help boost yield and profits. Many farmers trust this brand to achieve farming excellence with high performance and cost efficiency. As a result, select a feature-loaded New Holland 4WD tractor for higher profitability from farming. 

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