Top 10 Cultivator in India – Uses, Features & Advantages

Top 10 Cultivator in India - Uses, Features & Advantages

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors for the nation, from the economic point of view and the point of view of employment, as over 50% of the population of India is, directly and indirectly, engaged with agriculture. Cultivator is also an essential part of the agriculture sector as it performs different kinds of operations in agriculture. So, here we come with a tractor cultivator price list and uses, features & also advantages for the vast demand of farmers. check out the top 10 cultivators here.

This blog is correct for those who are searching for the best cultivator in India. If you perform tillage and land operations or soil-related operations, a tractor cultivator is a perfect choice. Hence, we are here showing the best rough and tough cultivator in India. 

What is Cultivator 

A cultivator is an agriculture machine used to prepare the soil and control weeds to become a hurdle. One meaning of the name refers to the frame with teeth that pierce the soil as they are drawn linearly through it. Another meaning refers to machines that use the rotary motion of discs or teeth to achieve similar results. For small and marginal farmers, a mini cultivator is the best. 

Types of Cultivator 

There are four types of cultivator available, mentioning below:- 

  • Spring Tyne Cultivator
  • Rigid Tyne Cultivator
  • Rigid Tyne Shovel Type Cultivator
  • Bar Point Cultivator

Top 10 Cultivator In India 

Here is a list of the most favoured cultivator with features, uses and advantages in India for you to make an informed decision:

1. Swaraj Spring Loaded Cultivator

Swaraj Spring Loaded Cultivator

The list starts with Swaraj Spring Loaded Cultivator. Swaraj Spring Loaded Cultivator is the most popular and efficient machine in India. The machine can easily perform all the farming applications like tillage, cultivation, and others. 

  • This cultivator made with the latest technology, and that is why it loaded with powerful parts. 
  • It performs effective work on the field, which makes Swaraj Spring Loaded Cultivator excellent for farming. 
  • A small cultivator is suitable with 35 hp tractor and has nine tynes. 
  • Also, It is very well known for its superb quality, making it productive for farmers. 
  • The farming cultivator has 18 springs, 265 kg weight, 870 mm overall width and an 1860 mm width of cut.

Along with this, the tractor cultivator price is affordable and budget-friendly.

2. Khedut Rigid Cultivator

Khedut Rigid Cultivator

The next one on the list is Khedut Rigid Cultivator, w durable and reliable machine in India. This efficient cultivator belongs to the Khedut brand used for tillage and cultivator operation.

  • One of the main qualities of cultivators is that it comes with sharp cutters. 
  • Also, it has 35-75 HP Implement Power that provides fuel-efficient work. 
  • The powerful cultivator handles all the hard and tough soils as it comes with a powerful body. 
  • In addition, Khedut Rigid Cultivator offers best-in-class 3-models, named KARC 09, KARC 11, KARC 13. 
  • Tractor cultivator attachment has 25 tynes and comes with 8mm shovels.
  • It provides a 72 x72 x5 Tubular Frame and also has CAT-II. 
  • A small tractor cultivator weighs 210 – 290 kg.

Mini tractor cultivator price in India fixed according to the Indian farmers.

3. Mahindra Cultivator

Mahindra Cultivator

The other one on the top 10 cultivators list is the Mahindra cultivator. It is one of the popular cultivator tractor implements belonging to the leading brand Mahindra. The machine is versatile because it offers excellent performance in the working field.

  • A Mahindra cultivator can efficiently perform many agriculture operations such as land preparation, tillage, cultivation, seedbed preparation, etc. 
  • The cultivator saves time and also provides precision in operation as it is smooth to operate and fast to adjust. 
  • Mahindra cultivator offers 3-models, including Rigid 9 tyne tiller, Rigid 11 tyne tiller and Rigid 13 tyne tiller. 
  • It has 35-65 HP Implement Power that offers fuel-efficient work and high production without extra effort. 
  • Mahindra cultivator offers 9-13 tynes. 
  • A mini tractor cultivator is a strong and powerful tool for mixing crop residue and breaking up rugged land.

The price range of this machine is low and cheap.

4. Sonalika 9 TYNE Cultivator

Sonalika 9 TYNE Cultivator

The next is on the top 10 cultivators list Sonalika 9 Tyne cultivator, the best cultivator in India used to perform soil applications. This machine is robust and durable as it is built with the latest technology, which means robustness.

  • Along with this, a Sonalika cultivator has many qualities that provide high productivity and perfect for farming. 
  • Sonalika 9 Tyne implement power is 40-45 HP. 
  • The agriculture cultivator comes with 8 mm shovels and 878 mm width. 
  • Also, it has 75 X 40 (Channel) frames and sharp cutters, which provide high-quality soil. 
  • The machine length is 2039 mm and 1132 mm heights.

Cultivator tractor price is suitable for all Indian farmers.

5. Universal Spring Loaded Cultivator

Universal Spring Loaded Cultivator

The other cultivator on the list is Universal Spring Loaded Cultivator. It is an excellent farming machine that performs tillage, soil and cultivation applications. The machine is durable and versatile as it comes with a powerful body and sharp cutters.

  • As per the name, Universal Spring Loaded Cultivator is equipped with springs that provide smooth and simple working in the field. 
  • Also, Universal cultivator has the best-in-class two models, called BESLOM-9 and BESLOM-11. 
  • Universal Spring Loaded Cultivator 50×19 MM Forged tyne and 5-11 number of tynes. 
  • The cultivator driven by a tractor comes with Reversible Shoe type & 8MM High Carbon Steel, providing fine soil. 
  • The Cultivator implement power is 40 hp – 55 hp.

The low price range of the Universal Spring Loaded cultivator machine attracts Indian farmers.

6. Sonalika 11 TYNE Cultivator

Sonalika 11 TYNE Cultivator

The next cultivator on the top 10 cultivator list is Sonalika 11 TYNE Cultivator. It is up-to-date and a powerful cultivator, suitable for Indian fields. This machine perfectly levelled and finished the seedbed, which improves productivity.

  • This cultivator machine has 100 X 50 (Channel) frames. 
  • Sonalika cultivator comes with 10 WD, 46.5 OD, 27.8 Coils spring. 
  • It has 50 x 27 (Forged) tynes. 
  • also, Sonalika 11 TYNE Cultivator offers effective work on the farming field, making it perfect for farming. 
  • This machine comes with 50 X 16 & 65 X 16 mm linkage 3 Point.

Sonalika 11 TYNE Cultivator price makes it a favourite of all farmers. 

7. Universal Bharat Spring Loaded Cultivator

Universal Bharat Spring Loaded Cultivator

The other cultivator on the top 10 cultivator list is Universal Bharat Spring Loaded Cultivator. The cultivator is powerful and efficient to perform various farming applications.

  • Universal Bharat Spring Loaded Cultivator offer 2-models, named BESLOB-9 and BESLOB-11. 
  • The farm tractor cultivator comes with a 750×40 Channel & 50×8 MM Pair Flat frame. 
  • Also, it has 9-11 tynes and 50×22 MM Forged tyne. 
  • A Universal cultivator is very well known for its durability and reliability. 
  • The machine is suitable with 40-55 hp tractor power. 
  • The spring-loaded cultivator completes tillage and land preparation application instantly.

Also, the tractor cultivator price in India is fair and pocket-friendly.  

8. Universal Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator

Universal Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator

The next cultivator on the top 10 cultivators list is Universal Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator. The cultivator made with the help of technically advanced solutions, which make it popular among Indian farmers. The heavy-duty cultivator is the rigid type cultivator, meaning more working without any extra effort.

  • The robust machine comes with 72 x 6 Sq. Tube & 65 x 6 Angle Center Supports frame. 
  • Agriculture tractor cultivator offers excellent models, including BEHDRC-7, BEHDRC-9 and BEHDRC-11. 
  • Also, the cultivator is perfect with 30-55 hp tractors. 
  • Universal Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator offers Fabricated one Piece 20/22/25/28 MM tynes, approx 1000 – 2800 mm Width of Cut and also has sharp cutters. 
  • It can easily break hard soil and also finely mixed crop residue, making it the best tractor cultivator.

The price of the tractor cultivator attracts all the Indian farmers, including small and marginal farmers.

9. Fieldking Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator (B Type)

Fieldking Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator (B Type)

The next cultivator is Fieldking Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator (B Type). The machine is perfect for farming as it has sharp cutters, a solid body and also a 3-point linkage. The fieldking company produces many excellent machines for agriculture, and this Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator (B Type) is the best example of it.

  • The machine offers 4-models consisting of FKRDH-9, FKRDH-11, FKRDH-13 and FKRDH-15. 
  • It comes with 65 x 16 Front, 50 x 16 Rear 3-point linkage to attach with 40-75 hp tractors. 
  • The cultivator performs land preparation and tillage operations. 
  • It designed as per Indian fields and soils that is why it provides fine cutting of soil.

Cultivation tractor price is Rs. 12999 Lac*, making it affordable and also cost-effective. 

10. Khedut Spring Cultivator KARC-11

Khedut Spring Cultivator KARC-11

The last one on the list is Khedut Spring Cultivator KARC-11 belonging to the famous Khedut brand. The brand is mainly renowned for its different agricultural machines, and Spring Cultivator KARC-11 is one of them.

  • The machine is renowned for its work excellence which provides high production to farmers. 
  • The model comes with a 72 x 72 x 5 Tubular Frame or 50 x 50 x 10 Angle Frame. 
  • It also provides high performance, 20 (Forged) tynes, 8 (EN-45) mm shovels, 1905-2819 mm width, etc. 
  • The cultivator is suitable with 35-75 hp tractors.

It provides a low price segment for the farmers. 

Highlighted Points Of Infographic
  • We are presenting the top 10 cultivators in India who will really like you best.
  • Pick a cultivator according to your budget and task. 
  • Some popular cultivators that easily fit your budget are Swaraj Spring Loaded Cultivator, Khedut Rigid Cultivator, Mahindra Cultivator and many more. 
  • Check out and make your dream come true by buying a perfect cultivator.

Top 10 Cultivatiors in india infographic

These are the top 10 cultivators in India. We hope you like this information, keep updated and stay connected with TractorGuru. Also, for more information about cultivators, harvesters, plows and other tractor implements, visit TractorGuru.