Best 5 Popular Powertrac Tractor Models In India 2024: Price & Mileage

Popular Powertrac Tractor Models In India 2024

Powertrac tractors streamline farming operations with their fuel-efficient engines. They offer consistent performance, providing reliability to farmers aiming for increased agricultural yields. Additionally, the utilisation of popular Powertrac tractor reduces the time required for various farming tasks, ultimately enhancing productivity in the agricultural sector. 

Moreover, Powertrac tractors serve dual purposes, catering to both farming and industrial needs. With an extensive range of tractors, Powertrac ensures that every farmer finds a suitable machine for their crop cultivation requirements. This blog emphasises on the top 5 popular Powertrac tractor available in India.

5 Most Selling Powertrac Tractor Models In India With Price List

Powertrac comes in 27 popular tractor models in India, with prices ranging from Rs. 3.30 Lakhs to Rs. 12 Lakhs. Explore the top-selling Powertrac tractor price list in India.

1. Powertrac Euro 50


The Powertrac Euro 50 is gaining popularity as a highly desired tractor model in India. It boasts a robust 50 HP engine designed to cater to various farming requirements. Its efficient 3-cylinder engine, with a displacement capacity of 2761 CC, runs smoothly at 2000 RPM. Priced competitively at Rs. 810,000, the Powertrac Euro 50 is loaded with features aimed at enhancing productivity and simplifying operations for farmers.

Furthermore, this tractor features power steering and Mechanical/Power Steering brakes, providing a turning radius of 1975 mm. This ensures the operator’s safety while using the tractor.

2. Powertrac 439 Plus  


The Powertrac 439 Plus stands out as a dependable choice for farming needs, thanks to its 38.9 HP PTO. This favored tractor by Powertrac features a robust 3-cylinder, 41 HP engine boasting a 2761 CC capacity, delivering an impressive 2200 RPM for consistent performance and excellent mileage. With a starting price at Rs. 670,000, the Powertrac 439 Plus offers reliability and efficiency for agricultural tasks.

3. Powertrac ALT 3000


The Powertrac ALT 3000 is a powerful tractor that makes farming easier with its strong engine and affordable price range. It features a 3-cylinder engine sized at 2146 CC, running at 2200 RPM to generate 30 HP. It can lift to 1600 kg and handles tools effortlessly.

Furthermore, its 25.5 HP PTO can operate various farm tools such as rotavators, cultivators, balers, or mulchers. Powertrac ALT 3000 priced at Rs.4.87 lakh in India, is a favoured option among farmers shifting to different farming tasks. With a fuel tank capacity of 47 liters, this tractor enables longer durations of fieldwork. 

4. Powertrac EURO 42 PLUS

Powertrac EURO 42 PLUS

The Powertrac Euro 42 Plus tractor is a favored choice for farming tasks. It comes with a 3-cylinder engine and a 2490 CC capacity, providing 45 HP at 2200 RPM. It can lift to 1600 kg with its Sensi – 1 3-point linkage. The tractor’s 37.40 HP PTO powers various farm implements like rotavators and sprayers. 

In India, the price of the Powertrac Euro 42 Plus starts from Rs. 710000. It offers smooth driving with its full constant mesh transmission featuring 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. The tractor ensures quick stopping on any terrain with its multi-plate oil-immersed disc braking system. 

For fatigue-free handling during fieldwork, it has a Power Steering / Mechanical Single drop arm option steering system. Additionally, the ADDC hydraulics of the Powertrac Euro 42 Plus assist in precise lifting while carrying essential tools.

5. Powertrac Euro 47


The Powertrac Euro 47 tractor is a favoured farming vehicle for its ease of use. It features a 3-cylinder engine with a 2761 CC capacity, delivering 50 HP at 2000 RPM. The Powertrac Euro 47  can handle different farm tools with its 1600 kg lifting capacity and Sensi-1 3-point linkage. It can manage tools like rotavators, sprayers, or cultivators.

However, the Powertrac Euro 47 prices range between Rs. 6.67 lakhs and Rs. 7.06 lakhs. It offers smooth driving with its fully constant mesh transmission, along with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.  Its multi-plate oil-immersed disc braking system ensures quick stopping on any terrain. 

The Powertrac Euro 47 also includes a mechanical / power option steering system for fatigue-free handling during fieldwork. Additionally, its ADDC hydraulics aid in precise lifting while carrying essential tools.


Powertrac offers a range of 27 popular tractors catering to diverse farming and transportation needs in India. These features aid farmers in selecting the ideal Powertrac tractor based on their requirements. In the above blog, we have discussed detailed specifications of the top 5 popular Powertrac tractor 

These features, like engine power and steering, help us understand how durable the tractor is for farming. Additionally, this blog explores the latest Powertrac tractor price list in India, providing comprehensive details. Stay updated on popular Powertrac tractor in India by visiting Tractor Guru.

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