NEW HOLLAND 3630 TX SUPER Review 2024 : Tractor Price & Specification

New Holland 3630 TX Super tractor model is popular among agricultural workers due to its exceptional performance and durability. Its cutting-edge features makes it the top pick for farmers, who are looking for a dependable and effective tractor to meet their farming requirements. 

This blog post will examine the all new Holland 3630 TX Super tractor’s characteristics and its unique selling points.

New Holland 3630 TX Super Price 2024 : New Hi-Tech Features & Specification 

New Holland 3630 TX Super tractor has many key features that make it one of the best tractors in its class. The tractor has a powerful engine, advanced transmission system, comfortable seat, responsive steering, reliable brakes, and sturdy tyres. Also, understanding the system’s various features and maintenance requirements is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the tractor. 

Talking about the cost range, the New Holland 3630 TX Super on-road price is a competitive option for those in the market for a tractor with such impressive features, making it a popular choice among farmers and agricultural businesses.

The following sections will discuss these features in detail and explain how they contribute to the tractor’s overall performance.

1. Powerful Engine Performance

New Holland 3630 Tx super engine

Here are the key factors related to the engine of New Holland 3630 TX Tractor that farmers should be aware of:

  • The 50 HP engine makes it suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • A 3-cylinder engine offers dependable performance and outstanding power output.
  • The engine produces 50 HP at 2100 RPM, ensuring the utmost performance and efficiency.
  • The oil bath-type filter contaminants dust, dirt, and other impurities before the air reaches the engine. 
  • The water-cooled cooling system keeps the engine running optimally and avoids overheating.
  • The New Holland 3630 TX Super Tractor’s PTO features a 6 spline, 540 @ 1967 ERPM & GSPTO RPM, and 42.5 HP power, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted power supply for a range of agricultural applications.
  • The New Holland 3630 TX Super model has a 60-litre fuel tank capacity, ensuring long hours of uninterrupted work.

Hence, the engine ensures efficient combustion, resulting in better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

2. Reliable Transmission System ( Tractor PTO ) 

New holland 3630 tx super transmission

Here are some key features of the tractor’s transmission that farmers should know:

  • The tractor comes with a Double Clutch with an Independent PTO Lever mechanism. 
  • This allows smooth shifting of gears, providing better control and reducing wear and tear.
  • The model features a Fully Constant / Partial Synchro mesh transmission offering more speed options and improved fuel efficiency.
  • The side shift gear level position is conveniently located, making it easy to shift gears while driving.
  • The tractor can achieve 1.00 to 34.7 kmph in forward gears, providing faster movement across fields and roads.
  • The reverse speed of the tractor ranges from 1.40 – 15.6 kmph. Thus, allowing for greater manoeuvrability when working in tight spaces or when reversing.
  • The tractor has 8/12 forward gears, giving the operator a wide range of speed options depending on the task.
  • This New Holland’s model has 2/3 reverse gears as well, which helps the operator to easily reverse the tractor and implement, making it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces.
  • The hydraulic system provides a lifting capacity of 1700 kg, ensuring the secure attachment of implements with its Category – II 3-point linkage and easy-to-use ADDC hydraulic controls, making it the perfect tool for any farmer.

Hence, the transmission system of the New Holland 3630 TX Super Tractor provides a smooth performance, making it an ideal choice for farmers to help them tackle their daily tasks.

3. Comfortable Seat for Long Hours of Farming

New Holland 3630 Tx superComfortable Seat

Farming can be a tough job, and spending long hours sitting on a tractor can be a challenging experience. That’s why New Holland has designed the 3630 TX Super Tractor with a comfortable seat that ensures you remain comfortable and productive all day. 

Here are some key factors that make the tractor’s seat comfortable for farmers:

  • The New Holland 3630 TX Super Tractor seat provides optimal comfort and support for your back. 
  • It has a high backrest that provides a smooth ride even on rough terrain. This feature reduces fatigue and helps you stay focused on the job.
  • The seat conforms to your body shape. Hence, reducing pressure points and minimising discomfort.

In conclusion, the comfortable seat of the New Holland 3630 TX Super Tractor is an essential feature for farmers who spend long hours on their tractors. Farmers can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with this tractor while maximising their farming output.

4. Weights and Dimensions

  • The New Holland 3630 TX Tractor weighs approximately 2,035 kg, making it a sturdy and durable option for farmers.
  • The tractor’s 2,035 mm wheelbase provides greater stability and traction when travelling over uneven terrain.
  • With an overall tractor length of 3,460 mm, it is easier to manoeuvre in small areas.
  • The tractor can easily pass through gates and confined field lanes with its 1,825 mm width.
  • A 440 mm ground clearance on the tractor makes navigating obstacles and rough territory simple.

Together, these features give farmers a comfortable, effective tractor that can handle a variety of agricultural chores. 

5. Effortless Steering Control

New holland 3630 Tx super Steering Control

Here are some key factors that farmers should understand about the steering system of this  all new Holland 3630 TX Super tractor:

  • Steering Type: The New Holland 3630 Super Tractor has mechanical / Power steering. This steering system results in easier and smoother steering turning at slow speeds or when the tractor is carrying a heavy load.
  • The tractor steering makes it easier to operate the tractor in fields with many obstacles or when working in confined spaces.

In conclusion, the steering system of the New Holland 3630 TX Super Tractor is a key factor in ensuring smooth and effortless steering control for farmers. Additionally, this steering system is always responsive and easy to control.

6. Smooth and Secure Brake System

NEW HOLLAND 3630 TX SUPER Smooth and Secure Brake System

Here are some key factors that farmers should understand to master the braking control on the New Holland 3630 TX Super Tractor-

  • The model has efficient braking systems that ensure safety and control while operating the tractor. 
  • The 3630 TX Super is equipped with Mechanically Actuated Oil Immersed Multi Disc brakes, which provide excellent stopping power and long-term durability. 
  • The braking system provides reliable and consistent stopping power, even when carrying heavy loads or operating at high speeds. 
  • The brakes are also swift and simple, allowing for secure and smooth deceleration.

In conclusion, the New Holland 3630 TX Super Tractor’s braking system is a key component in assuring the tractor’s safe and effective operation.

7. Tyres with Stability and Traction

New holland 3630 Tx Super Tyre

The New Holland 3630 TX Super Tractor comes with specially designed tyres that can handle the rigours of farming. 

Here are some key points about the tyres on this tractor:

  • The New Holland 3630 TX Super Tractor has 6 X 16, 7.5 X 16 front tractor tyre measurements and 6.5 X 16 and 14.9 X 28 and 16.9 X 28 rear tractor tyre measurements.
  • The front tyres are smaller and made for manoeuvrability, while the back tyres provide better traction and stability.
  • The tyres have a stiffer sidewall, which increases steadiness and reduces rolling resistance. This leads to better fuel efficiency and less tyre wear and tear.
  • The tread pattern of the tyres of the New Holland 3630 TX Super Tractor allows the tyres to shed mud and other debris, which helps to maintain traction and prevent slippage. 
  • The tyres provide better weight distribution and stability, which is important when working on uneven terrain.

From their size to design, these tyres perform excellently in various conditions. By understanding the key factors of these tyres, farmers can ensure that their tractors are always operating at their best.

Why Could the New Holland 3630 TX Super Tractor Be a Smart Investment?

The New Holland 3630 Super Tractor is an excellent investment for farmers looking for an efficient machine to assist them in their farming tasks. With a price range of Rs. 7.55 – 8.78 lakh, this tractor offers great value for its features and capabilities. Its powerful engine, spacious cabin, and versatile capabilities make it a smart investment for farmers who want to maximise their productivity and efficiency. With Tractor Guru, you can easily enhance farming productivity by accessing the best New Holland 3630 TX Super price in India.

Additionally, with its durable construction and advanced technology, this model is built to last, making it a long-term investment that farmers can rely on for years.

For more information related to New Holland 3630 TX SuperTractor Price List, other tractor models in detail specifications, the latest agricultural news updates, and useful blogs and articles, visit Tracto Guru.

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