Kubota MU5502 4WD Tractor Full Review – Price, Mileage & Performance

kubota MU 5502 Price Review 2023

One of the essential machines that every farmer should invest in for better yields and increased profits is a tractor. The Kubota MU5502 is a powerful tractor model that promises to revolutionise farming operations. In this blog, we will get into the various features of this all-new Kubota MU5502 tractor model and explain why it is an excellent investment for farmers. 

Kubota MU5502 Tractor Price 2024 : New Advance Hi-Tech Engine Power Tractor

Furthermore, with the latest features, this Kubota MU5502’s on-road price is also quite competitive, making it an attractive option for farmers who want to maximise their investment. We will also discuss the economic benefits of this tractor, such as increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption, and significantly lower maintenance expenses. Therefore, by the end of this blog post, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision on your farm’s next significant investment.

1. High Performance Powerful Engine 

KUBOTA MU5502 Engine

If you’re a farmer searching for a reliable tractor to add to your fleet, the Kubota MU5502 should be on your radar. This tractor boasts a 55 horsepower engine, making it a powerful tool for getting all kinds of agricultural work done. With a 2434 cc engine capacity and 2300 RPM engine rate RPM, you can be sure that this machine can handle tough jobs with ease. Its 4 cylinders ensure that it’s both efficient and long-lasting. The dry-type, dual-element air filter guarantees clean air intake, while the liquid-cooled cooling system provides optimal operating temperature. Thus, making this tractor model highly reliable. In addition to its impressive engine specifications, the model also features a 65 litres fuel tank capacity. So, it ensures you can work longer without refuelling. With its power, efficiency, and fuel capacity, this Kubota tractor will meet all your farming needs. 

2. Smooth Transmission & Double Clutch Type

Smooth Transmission & Double Clutch Type

This tractor comes with various transmission specifications, making it stand out. One of the most vital features is the Double Clutch Type, which allows for quick and easy shifting between gears. The double clutch type and synchromesh transmission type ensure smooth gear shifts. Furthermore, the side shift gear level position provides easy access to all gears. With a speed range of 1.8 – 30.8 kmph and 5.1 – 14.0 kmph in reverse, you can easily adjust the tractor’s speed to match your needs. The 12 forward and 4 reverse gears also give you many options for working in different conditions. These features combine to make the Kubota MU5502 a great choice for farmers looking for an efficient tractor to help them get their work done. 

3. Heavy Duty Lifting Capacity  ( Tractor PTO Power)

 As a farmer, you know the importance of having reliable equipment that can handle heavy-duty tasks. The Kubota MU5502 tractor is the perfect choice for your farm. With its powerful Power Take-Off (PTO) specifications, this tractor can handle any farming job you throw at it.

 The tractor has a 6 Spline PTO type. Thus, providing a secure and efficient connection between the tractor and your farming equipment. In addition, its 540 r/min reverse PTO RPM lets you easily reverse your implements, saving you time and effort.

 Additionally, this tractor boasts an impressive 47 HP PTO power. So, it ensures that you can easily operate even the most demanding equipment. Furthermore, its 1800/2100 kg lift capacity in kg means you can lift heavy loads and move them around your farm effortlessly. And with the Advanced Digital Display Cluster (ADDC) and hydraulic controls, you can easily monitor. Also, you can adjust your tractor’s performance to suit your needs.

 Investing in this Kubota tractor is an investment in your farm’s efficiency and productivity. Its powerful PTO specifications and advanced features make it an essential tool for any farmer looking to take their operations to another level.

4. Excellent Ultimate Comfortable Seating

Excellent Ultimate Comfortable Seating

 Farming is a challenging job. Long hours in the field can take a toll on your body, especially if you’re using a tractor that doesn’t offer comfortable seating. The all-new Kubota MU5502 Tractor is ideal for growers who value their comfort and efficiency. The seat on this tractor is specifically made to provide excellent ultimate comfort, even during extended periods of operation.

 This Kubota Tractor is in high demand due to its impressive specs and comfy seat. This tractor, which weighs 2560 kg for 4WD and 2310 kg for 2WD, can manage heavy loads easily. Moreover, the model handles uneven ground with exceptional stability with wheelbases of 2100 mm for 2WD and 2050 mm for 4WD Tractor. For both wheel-drive variants, the width is 1965 mm while the overall length is 3720 mm for 2WD and 3715 mm for 4WD.

 Moreover, the tractor’s ground clearance is 420 mm for both 2WD and 4WD models. So, it makes navigating easy in tough terrain. These specifications are just some reasons this tractor is a reliable and valuable investment for farmers. With its comfortable seat and impressive specifications, the Kubota MU5502 Tractor ensures a smooth and efficient operation that maximises productivity and minimises discomfort.

5. Steering Type – Control for Optimal Productivity

Steering Type - Control for Optimal Productivity

 One of the most critical features of a tractor is its steering system. This model has stunning steering capabilities, making it simple to control even in difficult circumstances.

The Power Steering Type of the Kubota MU5502 Tractor ensures smooth and accurate steering control for optimal productivity.

With this type of steering, you can easily drive around obstacles and confined spaces. Thus, it makes your job simpler and more effective.

 The Kubota MU5502 Tractor’s Impressive Braking System

 Having reliable brakes is crucial for safety and productivity when operating heavy machinery like tractors. This tractor model features a unique braking system that ensures maximum safety and control while working on any terrain.

 The Kubota MU5502 Tractor has an Oil Immersed Brake Type that provides excellent stopping power even in the toughest conditions. In addition, this type of brake system is known for its durability, ensuring that your tractor’s brakes will work effectively for a long time.

 Moreover, the tractor’s braking system is designed to work seamlessly with its 2WD / 4WD Drive Type. This means that the tractor’s braking system is optimised for both drive types, providing maximum control and stability regardless of the terrain.

 With the Kubota MU5502 Tractor’s reliable braking system and 5000 Hours / 5-year warranty, you can operate confidently, knowing that you have a dedicated safety feature to protect you and your tractor from accidents and mishaps and that any unexpected repairs will be covered.  

6. High Quality Tractor Tyres Optimised for Agricultural Work

Excellent Ultimate Comfortable Seating

 Regarding agricultural work, having the right tyres for your tractor is crucial for maximising traction and productivity. The Kubota MU5502 Tractor features high-quality tyres optimised for agricultural work, providing maximum traction and durability even in the toughest conditions.

 The tractor’s tyre specifications are 9.5 x 24 front tractor tyre and rear tractor tyre size 16.9 x 28. This feature provides maximum traction and stability on any terrain. This configuration provides excellent stability and traction on flat and hilly terrains, ensuring you can easily and confidently work.

 Moreover, the Kubota Tractor tyres are made of high-quality materials that withstand agricultural work’s wear and tear. This means you would not have to worry about unexpected punctures or tyre damage, ensuring your productivity remains high throughout the day.

Alternative Tractor Options to Kubota MU5502 : Popular Models to Consider

 Depending on your specific needs and preferences, there are many alternative or substitute options for the all-new Kubota MU5502 tractor model. Some popular brands include Swaraj 744 FE, Mahindra 475 DI, New Holland 3630 TX, Massey Ferguson 1035 and many more. Each model comprises different features and capabilities to suit various agricultural or landscaping applications. As a result, it’s necessary to carefully consider your requirements and budget when selecting a tractor model. Additionally, you should conduct an in-depth study on the models and brands that best meet your needs.

Invest in Profitability with Kubota MU5502 Tractor

 With such outstanding features, the Kubota MU5502 tractor ranges between Rs. 8.72 lakhs to Rs.10.56 lakhs. While the price may seem high, it’s important to remember that a tractor is a long-term investment that can help increase your productivity and profitability over time. To make farming effortless yet fruitful, you can find the best Kubota MU5502 tractor price in India on Tractor Guru.

 With Kubota’s reputation for quality and durability, you can feel confident that your tractor will provide reliable service for years. Therefore, don’t hesitate to invest in this strong equipment and advance your farming enterprise operations.

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