John Deere 5405 Gear Pro Tractor Review 2024 : Price & Milleage

John Deere 5405 Gear Pro

In agriculture, where productivity and efficiency hold paramount importance, having a reliable and high-performance tractor can be a game-changer for farmers. Enter the John Deere 5405 Gearpro tractor, a true companion that has revolutionized farming practices. The tractor has profoundly impacted the lives of farmers across the nation. This blog explores the remarkable features and specifications of the 5405 Gearpro tractor. Also, exploring how it empowers farmers to achieve more and elevate their agricultural endeavours.

Why Buy a John Deere 5405 Gear Pro Tractor : Specification & Mileage 

From the engine to the warranty, we have provided a comprehensive description of every feature you need to know before deciding to purchase this Gearpro tractor.

1. The Heart of Efficiency: Engine

With 63 HP under its hood, the John Deere 5405 Gearpro tractor offers exceptional power for various agricultural tasks. Its 2900 cc engine, operating at a rated RPM of 2100, delivers optimal performance and efficiency. Boasting three cylinders and a dry-type, dual-element air filter, this tractor ensures reliable and clean air intake. The coolant cooling system, equipped with an overflow reservoir, enhances the engine’s durability even in challenging conditions.

2. Seamless Control: Transmission (Gearbox)

Equipped with a dual-clutch and collar shift transmission, the tractor provides seamless control and precise gear shifting. Its side shift gear lever position offers enhanced convenience during operation. This tractor delivers the flexibility required for various farming applications with a speed range of 2.0 – 32.6 kmph and a reverse speed range of 3.5 – 22.9 kmph. It ensures optimal efficiency across different tasks, featuring 12 forward gears and 4 reverse gears.

3. Reliable Braking and Maneuverability: Brakes and Turning Radius

The John Deere 5405 Gearpro tractor incorporates oil-immersed disc brakes, offering reliable and responsive stopping power for enhanced safety. With a turning radius of 3181 mm, this tractor showcases exceptional manoeuvrability, allowing farmers to navigate even the tightest corners easily.

4. Effortless Handling: Steering

Designed for comfort and ease of use, the power steering system of the 5405 Gearpro tractor enables farmers to manoeuvre effortlessly, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall productivity. The added convenience of steering adjustment further allows operators to customize the steering position to their liking, ensuring maximum comfort during long working hours.

5. Versatility in Power Transfer: Power Take-Off (PTO)

The independent 6-spline power take-off (PTO) of the John Deere 5405 Gearpro tractor offers unmatched versatility. Operating at 540 and 540E RPM, it delivers a power output of 55 HP. The 55 HP allows seamless integration with a diverse range of agricultural implements. Farmers can efficiently carry out tasks requiring power transfer with precision and accuracy with this tractor.

6. Uninterrupted Operations: Fuel Capacity

The John Deere model has a fuel tank capacity of 68 litres, ensuring uninterrupted operations without frequent refuelling. This generous capacity saves valuable time for farmers, allowing them to focus on their tasks and achieve higher productivity.

7. Sturdy Build for Optimal Performance: Dimensions and Weight

With its sturdy construction, weighing 2280 kg, the John Deere 5405 Gearpro tractor provides exceptional stability and durability. Its wheelbase of 2050 mm, an overall length of 3515 mm, tractor width of 1870 mm. Ground clearance of 425 mm enable smooth operation across various terrains, ensuring optimal performance in any farming environment.

8. Efficient Handling of Loads: Lifting Capacity (Hydraulics)

The hydraulics of this  Gearpro John Deere model boasts a lifting capacity of 2000 kg, enabling effortless handling of heavy loads. With a Category – II, 3-point linkage system and hydraulic controls featuring Automatic Depth & Draft Control (ADDC), farmers can precisely adjust and control the depth of their implements, ensuring accurate and consistent performance.

9. Uncompromised Traction and Stability: Tyre Size

The tractor front tyre, sized 6.5 X 20, and rear tractor tyre, sized 16.9 X 30 / 16.9 X 28, provide uncompromised traction and stability. This ensures the tractor can confidently traverse diverse terrains, even under challenging conditions, without compromising performance.

10. Additional Features: Enhanced Functionality

The John Deere 5405 Gearpro model offers additional features to enhance functionality and versatility. With options for ballast weights, canopy, canopy holder, drawbar, and wagon hitch, farmers can customize the tractor to meet their specific needs, maximizing its potential and efficiency.

11. Price & Warranty: Value and Peace of Mind

John Deere Tractor Price attractively between ₹8.70 – 10.60 lakhs*, the 5405 Gearpro John Deere model offers exceptional value for its remarkable features and performance. Additionally, it comes with a warranty of 5000 hours or 5 years, providing farmers with the peace of mind they deserve.

Final Thoughts:

The 5405 Gearpro tractor encapsulates the spirit of reliability, efficiency, and innovation. Its powerful engine, seamless transmission, precise control, and robust build make it an invaluable farmer asset. With its exceptional performance and remarkable features, this tractor has the potential to revolutionize farming practices and empower farmers to achieve greater heights of productivity. Invest in the John Deere 5405 Gearpro tractor and experience firsthand the difference it can make in farming operations.

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