Best 4 Eicher Mini Tractor Models In India: Price & Specification

Best 4 Eicher mini tractor in India

Not every farmer needs a heavy-duty tractor, as some mini-farms require compact tractors for easier operation. However, choosing the right mini tractor is difficult among so many options. Therefore, we bring you a detailed list of the popular 4 Eicher mini tractor models in India. Moreover, farmers can significantly boost crop productivity with these compact tractors as they provide seamless operation for every activity. 

List Of Popular 4 Eicher Mini Tractor Models Price List in India 2024

This blog post explains the popular 4 Eicher mini tractor models with complete specifications and other details, including the price and farming features. Let’s have a look at them before selecting the right Eicher mini tractor.  

1. Eicher 242


The Eicher 242 is a farmer-friendly mini tractor from TAFE Limited. It is highly recommended for small-scale agricultural tasks, such as garden maintenance or Orchard farming. Moreover, this mini tractor has a fuel-efficient 25 Horsepower engine for effective performance in every field operation. Moreover, its 1220 kg hydraulic lifting capacity helps in carrying the essential tools. As a result, the all new Eicher 242 tractor can be a profitable investment for small or marginal farmers. However, this Eicher mini tractor price is reasonable as it is available from Rs. 4.05 to 4.40 lakh in India. 

2. Eicher 241


This mini tractor model from Eicher is the right farming machine to execute the necessary operations on mini-farms. It has a powerful 25 HP engine, producing an impressive 1650 RPM with a 1557 cc displacement capacity. An effective sliding mesh transmission helps in smoother gear transition. Also, the Eicher 241 tractor produces 21.25 HP of Take-Off Power for operating essential farming implements. By reducing cost and time consumption, this mini tractor can help in garden maintenance. Apart from all these features, the Eicher 241 tractor is reasonable and listed from Rs. 3.83 to 4.15 lakh in India. 

3. Eicher 188 4WD


If you are looking for a power-packed mini tractor for high performance on slippery or muddy terrain, the Eicher 188 4WD is the ideal choice. This mini tractor redefines small-scale agriculture with its modern features. The tractor has a well-working partial constant mesh transmission, offering different speed options for various operations. However, it can be used for a variety of tasks, such as lifting weighted machines with the help of a 700 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. With all these remarkable features, the Eicher 188 4WD price is Rs. 3.30 – 3.50 lakh, making it an affordable choice.

4. Eicher 188

Eicher 188

Eicher 188 is another farming vehicle for fulfilling small-scale farming needs. It can be the next profitable investment for every marginal farmer. With its best-in-class single-cylinder, 18 HP engine, this tractor generates suitable power for executing every task related to small farms or gardens. Apart from this, it provides a seamless driving experience with a fatigue-free operation, as it has a Side Shift gear level position. Moreover, it can lift heavy machines in the crop field with the help of a 700 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. All these features are available in this tractor at a price of Rs. 3.20 to 3.30 lakh in India. 

The Final Thought 

All of the above-mentioned Eicher mini tractors give a brilliant performance. Moreover, the price of these Eicher mini tractors is justified according to their features. Also, Eicher works for the betterment of farmers by manufacturing efficient tractors and its mini tractor lineup is trusted. So why wait? Choose a powerful Eicher mini tractor to make farming profitable. 

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