Types of Used Tractor - Know the Different Types of Tractor

When buying a used tractor, buyers must remember that a car may hold good for only 10–15 years, but a tractor can be useful for 30 years.

Types of Tractor

The foremost factor to consider is the type of tractor when you buy the used tractor. There are 4 types of tractors that are available in the Indian market.

Row Crop Tractors

If you are doing a large crop production business, you should opt for it. These tractors come with taller tires, which offer higher ground clearance.

4WD Tractors

These tractors are efficient in tillage implements and pulling planting. However, they are mostly used in levelling the land in farming operations.

Utility Tractors

They are significantly bigger tractors and packed with more power. Utility tractors help to execute chores such as hay production, and livestock.

Mini Tractors

These smaller tractors are considerably conventional, suitable for landscaping and nursery work.

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