Top Best Rice Varieties in India to Cultivate

India has the world’s top rank in producing more than 50,000 rice varieties, and Basmati Rice is one of the most popular Indian rice varieties.

1. Indrayani Rice

It is rich in fragrance which is quite similar to Basmati rice. mainly cultivated in the western ghats of the region in Maharashtra.

2. Rajamudi

It is a healthy and gluten-free variety of red rice and also an alternative to white rice. The Rajamudi rice variety comes in an organic category.

3. Rakthashali

Best rice variety in Ayurveda and most cultivated in south Indian regions.

4. Jasmine Rice

The most popular variety with aromatic fragrance is a delicacy, known as Basmati Rice. Highly cultivated in the north Himalayans in India.

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