Top 7 Popular Winter Season Vegetables in India

Cabbage is one of the most famous winter vegetables in India, and it is consumed both cooked and raw. This winter veggie is nutrient-rich and offers several health benefits.
Carrots are a popular winter-season vegetable because they are used in several Indian dishes. One of the popular sweet dishes prepared from carrots is Gajar ka Halwa.
Green peas are an easily found food ingredient in Indian households during winter. They are eaten in salads or cooked with any dish to give them more flavour and texture.
Sweet potatoes or shakarkandi are a favourite root vegetable of many in winter. People eat this vegetable with high Vitamin C content, roasted, baked, in desserts or other ways.
Winter squash is a popular winter-season vegetable in India due to its versatility. This nutrient-rich veggie is consumed as curries, in halwa and sweets, roasted and grilled.
The turnip or white turnip is the most common root vegetable eaten in the winter season. Better known as shalgam in India, it’s consumed in salads for its numerous health benefits.
Radish is most commonly found in Indian households during chilly months. This winter veggie is used to prepare Mooli ka Paratha or a delicious vegetable made with its leaves.
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