Top 7 Potato Producing States in India

Uttar Pradesh’s annual contribution to potato cultivation in India is 29.65 per cent. This makes potatoes a profitable crop for commercial cultivation in Uttar Pradesh.
West Bengal accounts for about 23.51 per cent of the total potatoes produced in India. At the same time, this state’s potato production contributes to the nation’s economy.
Bihar’s potato production leads to a total contribution of 17.02 per cent in the country’s overall production. This is due to the availability of ideal conditions of the state.
Gujarat contributes to about 7.05 per cent of the total potato cultivation of the country. This makes Gujarat one of the leading producers of potatoes in India.
This Indian state contributes 6.68 per cent to the country’s overall production. As a result, many farmers of Madhya Pradesh have shifted to potato cultivation.
Punjab’s potato production makes a 5.32 percent contribution to the overall cultivation in India. Thus, the state signifies its importance in the export of potatoes as well.
Haryana’s total contribution to potato production in India is 1.43 per cent. The state’s soil and climate are favourable to potatoes, making it one of India’s major producers.
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