Lettuce Cultivation Tips in India : Types of Lettuce

The popular lettuce varieties are Gallega, Criolla, Verde, Madrilene and Criolla Blenca. These varieties are highly profitable as they have a high market demand.
The temperature needed for lettuce cultivation ranges between 7°C to 27°C. Also, the soil recommended for lettuce is warm, sandy soil with high organic matter.
In lettuce cultivation, 2 to 3 kg are recommended in one hectare to obtain a profitable yield, and it is ideal to sow lettuce seeds in rows with a distance of 15 to 25 cm.
The months of September and November are ideal for planting lettuce. Also, the plants of lettuce require a minimum of 3-4 hours of sunlight daily in the morning.
It requires 75-100 kg of phosphorus and potassium with 40-50 kg of Nitrogen in one hectare. Moreover, if lettuce is grown in sandy and sandy loam soil, it does not need manure.
The popular irrigation systems in lettuce farming are furrow irrigation, drip irrigation, and sprinkler irrigation. They save water while fulfilling the plant’s irrigation needs.
Harvesting in lettuce cultivation is carried out at the end of March. The harvesting process is carried out manually by cutting the healthy leaves of lettuce plants.
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