Top 7 Onion Producing States in India

Maharashtra is a leading producer of onions in India, with 13301.7 (000 tonnes) of production per year. This yield has a huge contribution to India's overall onion cultivation.
Madhya Pradesh is another major producer of onions in India. This state produces about 4740.6 (000 tonnes) of onion annually due to the favourable climatic conditions.
The annual onion production of Karnataka is 2779.5 (000 tonnes), making onion cultivation one of the major farming activities for farmers of this Indian state.
Gujarat cultivates 2554.7 (000 tonnes) onions annually, contributing to a large chunk of the country's overall production of onions. This makes onion a high-profit crop in Gujarat.
Rajasthan's climate and soil are favourable for the large-scale production of onions. This Indian state cultivates about 1447.9 (000 tonnes) of onions every year.
Bihar produces a volume of 1375 (000 tonnes) of onions annually. This makes Bihar one of the leading producers of onions in India, contributing to India's overall production.
West Bengal's production of onions stands at 861.35 (000 tonnes). Therefore, West Bengal has a significant contribution to the total production of onions in India.
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