Top 6 Vegetables To Grow In December And January

Radishes can be grown in the cooler temperatures of December and January. They offer a quick and easy-to-grow vegetable in a short time. This makes them suitable for winter farming.
Spinach is an ideal vegetable for December and January cultivation because its plants can withstand harsh weather. Also, they provide healthy nutrients during the winter season.
Lettuce is a suitable winter vegetable choice as its varieties can adapt to colder temperatures. This allows the development of fresh and crisp leaves during December and January.
Capsicum is preferred for cultivation in December and January as a greenhouse or indoor crop. They are a source of fresh and colourful bell peppers in colder conditions.
Komatsuna can be easily grown in winter because it is a cold-tolerant leafy green. This makes them a recommended choice for production during December and January
Mizuna is a cold-resistant plant, which makes it a suitable vegetable for winter cultivation in December and January. Also, they add a unique and peppery flavour to dishes.
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