Top 7 Cauliflower Producing States in India

Madhya Pradesh produces about 12,22,010 tonnes of cauliflower annually. This state accounts for the total contribution of 13.16% to the overall cauliflower produced in India.
The annual production of cauliflower in West Bengal is 19,69,440 tonnes. This way, the state's total contribution to the overall cauliflower cultivated in India stands at 21.22%.
Gujarat accounts for growing about 7,13,870 tonnes of cauliflower per year. This leads to an overall 7.69% contribution to the cauliflower production in the country.
Bihar's annual cauliflower production registered at 10,31,470 tonnes, making it a popular state for cauliflower production. It contributes to 11.11% of the overall production.
Haryana produces 6,72,160 tonnes of cauliflowers per year. At the same time, this state accounts for contributing to 7.24% of the total cauliflower produced in India.
Odisha's cauliflower production is 6,42,940 tonnes of yield per year. This Indian state contributes to 6.93% of the overall production of cauliflower in the country.

Punjab produces about 4,50,600 tonnes of cauliflower every year. This leads to Punjab's contribution of 4.85% to the total production of cauliflowers in India.

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