Top 7 Carrots producing states in India

Haryana’s annual carrot production registered at 386,390 tonnes during 2021-22. This state contributed to 20.23% of the total carrots cultivated in India in the same duration.
West Bengal accounts for a contribution of 12.32% of carrots produced in India in 2021-22, which was 235,390 tonnes. This makes it the second-largest grower of carrots in India.
Punjab’s carrot production was recorded at 224,740 tonnes during 2021-22. This state has a contribution of 11.77% to the overall production of carrots in India.
Uttar Pradesh produced 178,970 tonnes of carrots in 2021-22. This way, the state had a 9.37% share of the total carrot produced in India, making it a popular carrot-growing state.
Madhya Pradesh’s carrot production in 2021-22 stood at 167,590 tonnes. This Indian state contributed to the 8.77% of overall carrots cultivated in the country.
Bihar produced about 147,530 tonnes of carrots in 2021-22, which resulted in a total contribution of 7.72% share to the overall carrot cultivation in the country.
The carrot production in Tamil Nadu stood at 140,520 tonnes. This Southern state has a noticeable contribution of 7.36% of the total carrots produced nationwide.
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