Top 6 Most Expensive Tea in the World

Da Hong Pao Tea is among the most expensive teas because it has a rich history and unique flavour with its origins, which dates back to the Ming dynasty in China.
Panda Dung Tea is a rare-found tea variety in the world, resulting in its high price. This is due to its process of cultivation, which needs nutrient-rich panda dung.
The buds of yellow gold tea are covered with gold, leading to a floral and metallic aftertaste. This way, Yellow Gold Tea Buds become an expensive tea variety.
Silver Tips Imperial Tea is known for its handpicked silver tips. This makes it one of the most expensive teas worldwide, which offers a classy tea-drinking experience.
Gyokuro is a Japanese green tea shaded before harvest. It is considered one of the most expensive teas worldwide due to its vibrant green colour and sweet taste.
Pu-Erh Tea is aged and fermented to obtain a perfect flavour. Its unique flavour and nutritional content make it one of the most expensive teas recommended worldwide.
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