Top 7 Radish Producing States In India

The radish production in Haryana is 5,50,070 tonnes per year. This leads to a 16.44% contribution to the overall radishes produced in India, making its cultivation profitable.
West Bengal grows 5,48,770 tonnes of radishes annually due to the state’s ideal climatic conditions. This results in a 16.40% share in the total cultivation of radishes in India.
The annual production of radishes in Punjab registered at 3,85,150 tonnes. This way, Punjab contributes to about 11.51% of the total production of radishes in India.
Assam’s radish production stands at 2,56,000 tonnes annually, with a 7.67% share in India’s total production. The state’s soil fertility and climate are favourable to radishes.
Chhattisgarh grows about 2,40,320 tonnes of radishes per year, resulting in a profitable income. This leads to a 7.18% contribution to the overall production of radishes in India.
The production of radishes in Bihar registered at 2,31,780 tonnes. This marked the state’s significant contribution of 6.93% to the nationwide production of radishes.
Madhya Pradesh’s radish production is 1,95,360 tonnes per year. This results in a total of 5.84% contribution to the production of radishes throughout the country.
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