Top 5 Solis Tractor Models in India

Solis tractor manufactures tractor models from the range of 27 HP to 60 HP at an affordable price range.

1. SOLIS 4215 E

The best 43 HP utility tractor model is fitted with amazing robust features that make it ideal for farming. The SOLIS 4215 E price is affordable and starts from Rs. 6.55 Lakhs to Rs. 6.75 Lakhs.


It is a 50 HP heavy-duty tractor model with has a 43 PTO HP that makes it compatible with other farming applications. The SOLIS HYBRID 5015 price starts from Rs. 7.21 lakhs to Rs. 7.50 Lakhs.

3. SOLIS 3016 SN

It is a 4WD 30 HP tractor model that has a 28 liters fuel tank capacity which helps to work on small farms extensively. The SOLIS 3016 SN price is relevant and fits the farmer’s budget.

4. SOLIS 2516 SN

An excellent 4WD mini tractor that comes in 27 HP fitted with 1318 CC that generates 2700 ERPM. The SOLIS 2516 SN price begins at Rs. 5.00 Lakhs to Rs. 6.00 Lakhs.

5. SOLIS 6024 S

It is a 60 HP heavy-duty tractor model fitted with 4087 CC that generates 2100 ERPM and provides productive outcomes. The SOLIS 6024 S price is cost-effective and starts from Rs. 9.20 Lakhs to Rs. 9.80 Lakhs.

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