Top 5 Profitable Crops in India - Money Making Crops

Various profitable major crops are grown in India. This has greatly improved the agriculture sector for farmers.

1. Rice Crop

Rice is a highly consumed food, so the demand for this crop is very high. That is why it is widely cultivated throughout the world.

2. Wheat Crop

Wheat requires a temperature of 10-15 °C for sowing and 21-26 °C for harvesting with bright sunlight. It is a Rabi crop and staple food.

3. Maize Crop

The maize crop is used as both food and fodder. However, It is a Kharif crop which is popular among the people.

4. Pulses Crop

This crop is a major source of protein. The most popular pulses grown in India are moong, Tur (Arhar), urad, Masur, peas and gram.

5. Jute Crop

Jute is used to make ropes, burlap, mats, yarn, hessian or gunny cloths. It is popular as golden fibre and one of the best cash crops in India.
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