Top 5 Lucrative Livestock Business Ideas in India

Start your own money-making livestock business with a small investment by choosing one of the best business ideas in India.

1. Dairy Farming

India includes many livestock species that are used to dairy farming. Dairy Farming is the most prominent agriculture business in India because of the larger ratio of consuming milk.

2. Goat Farming

You can start goat farming with a popular and money-making goat breed. It is a top picking business idea according to the good income prospectus.

3. Poultry Farming

By raising little chicks and roasters, you can make a high profit. Also, you can earn by selling their eggs and meat.

4. Emu Farming

This is also one of the most productive commercial businesses because of its adaptability in different agro-climatic regions. It is the most demanding agriculture business in the global market.

5. Crab Farming

It is a rapidly growing business day by day, and because of its high profitability, it has more demand in the global market.
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