Top 5 Highest Oxygen Producing Trees in India 

The importance of these trees increases even more because they produce a lot of oxygen. Trees are one of the good sources of oxygen, absorbing CO2 from the air and releasing oxygen back.

Bael Trees (Bel)

This oxygen tree grows to a height of 40-50 feet above the ground and has existed for about 30-60 years. Bael Trees ensure a flow of oxygen in the presence of sunlight.

Banyan Tree (Baragad)

The banyan tree is known for releasing a large amount of oxygen. And the World’s giant banyan tree is in Kolkata. 

Peepal Tree 

Peepal tree plants can grow to a height of 60-80 feet above the ground. This tree releases oxygen even at night. 

Neem Tree

Neem trees are one of the most valuable medicinal plants, which reduce the number of greenhouse gases through photosynthesis. 

Arjuna Tree

Arjuna Tree helps to reduce air pollution by polluting elements in the air and absorbing CO2. Moreover, the berk of the tree is very useful and makes effective remedies.

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