Top 5 CEAT Tractor Tyre Models

CEAT is the most popular tyre brand in India. It has an extensive place in the tyre market as it manufactures agricultural tyres of every size. Check the top 5 CEAT tractor tyre models.

1. CEAT AAYUSHMAAN R1 12.4 X 28(S) (Rear Tyre)

2. CEAT AAYUSHMAAN R1 16.9 X 30(S) (Rear Tyre)

3. CEAT AAYUSHMAAN F2 5.2 X 14(S) (Front Tyre)

4. CEAT AAYUSHMAAN F2 6 X 16(S) (Front Tyre)

5. CEAT AAYUSHMAAN PLUS R1 8.3 X 20(S) (Rear Tyre)

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