Tips for Buying a Second Hand Tractor in India

Buying a tractor is a significant financial decision for Indian farmers, and if the budget is limited, they find a used tractor. Therefore, you must follow these tips.

Find the Top Tractor Brand

When you want to buy a second hand tractor, you first choose the popular tractor brands that various customers have tested over decades.

Tyre condition

You must check the tyre condition to see if there are any cuts, bubbles or cracks, and check if the tyre is original or remoulded.

Test Drive with the Tractor

When you buy a second hand tractor, you should do a test drive because this is conducive to finding the tractor's condition.

Check the Documents

The operator should check the documents before buying the second-hand tractor, such as RC, proof of taxes, original invoice and insurance.

Dealer Support

When buying a used tractor, you must require dealer support for service and parts; likewise, find a nearby dealer to service your tractor.

Check the tractor to Mechanic

The Mechanic should examine the tractor; then, you should be well-known with the actual condition of your tractor body and parts.

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