Modern Dairy Farming Techniques in India

Dairy farming is the process of raising mother animals, including cows, goats, buffalo, and other livestock that use their milk to feed humans.

Dairy Farming Techniques

There are some techniques for how milk is extracted from animals taken from the dairy industry.

Milking Pipeline

Milking pipelines use a vacuum pump to help move milk from the animal to the tank where the milk is stored.

Milking Parlors

The cows are brought to the holding space and wait for entry into the milking parlor, where a few cows will be milked at a time.

Automatic Milker Take-Off

Cow's milk passes through a sensor that can tell when milk is not flowing. Subsequently, the milkers automatically fall off the cow.

Fully Automated Robotic Milking

Where the machine is located, Robot milkers use lasers to identify each cow's teats that enter a stall where the machine is located.

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