India's Top 5 Rice-Producing States With Overview

West Bengal

Due to its annual production of 15.3 million tonnes of rice, this state is ranked first in rice production. This state accounts for more than 13.95% of the country's rice production.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh ranks second, with around 13.75 million tonnes of rice produced annually. About 25% of the state's cultivated area makes about 14 MLT of rice every year.


Basmati 370 is the most common type of rice in the Punjab region. With an annual production of 12 million tonnes, the state of Punjab ranks third in rice production.

Tamil Nadu

Research indicates that each hectare produces roughly 39000 kg of rice. Tamil Nadu is the most populated and significant rice-growing region in Southern India.

Andhra Pradesh

With a total production of 128.95 lakh tonnes of rice, Andhra is ranked fifth. Additionally, it makes up around 7% of the nation's overall rice production.

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