Hydroponic Farming - Modern Farming Requires Modern Solutions

Hydroponic farming is the most popular farming in today’s modern time which is also known as soil-less farming. Plants mainly grow in hydroponic farming with the help of nutrients, oxygen, and water.

Best Plants to Grow Hydroponically

Mostly leafy vegetables are grown by hydroponic methods. But you can also grow many micro vegetables and fruits with a suitable hydroponic method like strawberry, watermelon, grapes etc.

Hydroponic Methods

There are 8 types of hydroponic methods with the help of which you can grow plants.

Hydroponic Setup

To setup a hydroponic setup, you should follow some steps such as:

1. Use a suitable container to set the hydroponic system.

2. Then, drill holes into the container and assemble the pump into it.

3. Reserve water into the container with nutrients & assemble the system.

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