Goat Farming Business Plan For Beginners - Step By Step

The goat farming business is profitable and can execute with a low investment. But before starting this lucrative business, you should have to follow some steps.

1. Land

To rear the goats, you should have enough land to graze and raise them. You need 10 acres of land approximately, to rear around 500 goats.

2. Breeding

At the age of 18 to 20 months, female goats are able to conceive. Goats usually breed 3 times in 24 months. So, you should bring a healthy male goat to breed.

3. Feeding

You should raise the goats with a healthy diet to get a profitable outcome. It would help if you fed them twice a day with homegrown green crops and green fodder.

4. Medication

Keep your goats healthy and provide a regular check-up. You should keep enough stock of medicines and other required things. Also, keep them vaccinated.

5. Capital

You will require enough capital to raise goats. The capital or investment is completely dependent on the goat's ratio.

6. Choose the Goat Breed

To start a goat farming business, choose the suitable goat breed according to your investment and requirement.

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