FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX Tractor with Technical Specifications

FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX is manufactured with the best technologies that are compatible with every farming implement. Farmtrac manufactures multipurpose tractor models that can perform every activity.

HP & Engine Capacity

FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX has a 55 HP engine power with 3 cylinders and is fitted with a 3510 CC engine that generates 2000 ERPM.

Clutch, Transmission & Brakes

The FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX is fitted with a Dual / Independent Clutch with a Constant Mesh transmission type and Oil Immersed brakes that help to control the tractor’s motion.


It is equipped with a 6 Spline type 49 HP PTO that generates 540, MRPTO ERPM.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX has 60 litres fuel tank capacity making the tractor durable for extensive working hours.


FARMTRAC 60 POWERMAXX price value for money that easily fits to the farmer's budget.

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