Difference Between Garden Tiller and Cultivator

Garden Tiller and Cultivator farming implements are simple but effective, which promote better production for productivity.


Tiller is the functional farm implement that usually comes in handy for tillage. It has 4 types for better farming operations.

Garden Tiller

Garden tillers are used as larger machines that bring ample power to break soil, useful for soil stirring and ploughing as well.

Benefits of Tillar

Tillar are designed to dig the pit and mix hard soil into a loose nutrient bed for the plant. Hence, tillers provide good work efficiency for farmers.


A cultivator is an effective  farm implement and they contain less power than garden tillers. Basically, 3 types of cultivators are available in the market.

Benefits of Cultivator

Cultivator machines turn the soil into a more refined mixture than cultivators. Also, you can use it to aerate and blend the soil before planting.

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